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Cowabunga Bay waterpark

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^"We were greeted with thunderstorms on Saturday and hail the size of rock salt on Sunday" - Shane (From his interview)


But, how have the past few days gone now?


Also, Shane, I really like the web site. The only thing its missing is a park map! lol.

There's no need for a Park Map! lol You can see the entire park from any place in the park. Shane, pulling down those umbrella's in the Hail on Sunday was the most fun I've had in a LONG Time! As for the weather since then, it hasn't been all that great, but we are supposed to finally get rid of all of the storms and cool temps next week! I think they have forecast 90 Degrees for next week.


- Sid

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Shane, congrats on getting this VERY cool water park open, despite the weird weather. Know you're a proud poppa in many regards and most pleased for you.


Really like this whole concept and hope to check it out in the next few years. Very well done!


Beemerboy wrote:

Seriously, this place really looks great! Please build one in Chattanooga next.


Listen to this wise man.

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Just got a call from my parents who are touring around the West...


"Hey we saw this great looking really colorful waterpark just south of Salt Lake City called Cowabunga."


I told her that our awesome friend Shane actually runs the place and they said that it looked crowded even in the 'bad' weather.


So good job Shane, even my non-theme park parents said your place looked great!


Can't wait to try it out for myself!

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Since the sun has come out we have been packed...I mean packed! I haven't even had time to check in to TPR which I usually do on a daily basis.


People really like the concept and even though the weather has been crappy we still get the crowds.


As a theme park enthusiast I have been able to take all the issues that bug me as a park guest and try to resolve them, for example:


We do offer Rain Checks, I want everyone that pays to get into Cowabunga Bay to have a good experience and when it rains, the experience can sometimes be less than great. So rather than say "NO REFUNDS DUE TO WEATHER" we are issuing passes that we call "Rain Rain Go Away...Come again another day" These passes will allow guests to return on a day when the weather is better.


Elissa, I can't wait for you guys to come visit. I think it is cool we made an impression on you parents!!!



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Lifeguards of Cowabunga!


As a special July 4th treat I bring you the friendly and sexy faces of Cowabunga Bay.


The 4th is looking like crappy weather (typical for summer this year in Utah) but we got all the decorations up.


First up...the guys!


Next up, our girls...



Red White & Blue...and a couple of other tropical colors


Hooray for the 4th...Summers are BEAUTIFUL at Cowabunga Bay


"He's got Betty Davis eyes"


I knew we had to have one girl on our morning shift


Grey skies are gonna clear up...put on a happy face


The intellectual


even the shallow water is safe with our lifeguards.


Life is SO great at Cowabunga Bay!


Of course from another angle


Cowabunga Beefcake...


Heeeeey, it's the Fonz


That's the money shot!


Wait for it....


This smiley face can clear up those cloudy skies


Our famous lifeguards protect their identity with Jackie-O glasses

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The afternoon shift has brought in the girls...or as I like to call them, The COWABUNGA BABES!


And now for your viewing pleasure...


and we save the best for last...The Beautiful Management Team.


Told you those grey skies were gonna clear up!


Lifeguarding has GOT to be one of the BEST jobs in the world...or at least the Bay


Strike a pose


We can't forget the kitchen staff


It is HOT at Cowabunga Bay


Cowabunga Smile!


Blondes have more fun


Keeping the beach safe from sharks and other predators


Here are the Cowabunga Angels..Jill, Kelly and Sabrina


Our office staff aint so bad either


This is Tiara...she mans our 976 line

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The girls aren't wearing bikinis...what kind of water park is this?!?!



I guess I'll just have to settle for the innocent bystanders. (Which, judging from that first picture, will be quite easy to do.)

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The girls aren't wearing bikinis...what kind of water park is this?!?!



I guess I'll just have to settle for the innocent bystanders. (Which, judging from that first picture, will be quite easy to do.)



Shane learned from me that you can't post bikini pictures without getting a lot of heat for it.



Good job on the bystander Shane!



Peace, Big Mike

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Great pics Shane!


So now that the park has established itself, what are your plans for the future?


TPR China & Japan!!!!!


Good answer


This place looks AWESOME!!! I know I'll make it out there eventually, it looks like a blast! I like the fact that you have a rain check policy too, not many other places do that so willingly!


Dave "keep the great updates coming!" Wilson

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We turned on our awesome new flood lights tonight and the playstructure lights up like a football stadium. It looks so great from the freeway.


We are getting great reviews and from the looks of the crowds, Cowabunga Bay is a HIT!


Hooray...finally some sun and customers!


good night











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