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Cowabunga Bay waterpark

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Actually, for what the park is, I would have no problem paying the admission. (Since I already had plans to visit with Big Mike, I actually planned to pay. It wasn't until later that Shane announced free admission.) In fact, what I wrote above has nothing to do with getting in free or even the tour. As a father with a nine year old son, I could see spending $32 for the two of us to spend 4 hours playing in the water. We had a blast.

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This is a great thread, and I was loving hearing about the economics, pricing model, logistics and development side of the park.


It has long been my dream to own my themepark, so to see you actually do it and do it so well, you have my greatest respect.


I understand that there is a lot of stuff that you may wish to keep confidential, but I am sure I speak for everyone that whatever you comfortable disclosing we are fascinated readers.

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What happened on closing night? Did I miss something?




Hooray the summer season is almost here and I am excited for our new 2010 commercials.



Don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about! btw, you never answered my questions about your SFoT Trip about the whereabouts of the First Born Son and if Sage went on the coasters Willingly!


I LOVE the Commercials! Definitely going to grab people's attention! Now we just need an Electronic Billboard to play them on!


- Sid

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2 weeks to opening day and this is what's going on (see picture) I am beginning to think going into the water park business wasn't such a great idea after all.


Your Blizzard Beach theming looks incredible!!! So life like! Truly better than Disney!

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Thanks everyone for the best wishes. We are off to a GREAT start but sometimes I wish I had a Beast Trainer Cheat and I could freeze the weather!


No new slides this year, I am looking into doing our first expansion next season.


Here are two interesting photo from our first day of operation (May 15th) and then later on in June. It was cold outside but you sure can tell we heat our water (unlike other parks here in Utah). The place is now in full bloom and looking beautiful!



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