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Cowabunga Bay waterpark

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2. Future attractions: The park has been planned with a 10 year expansion plan. One great thing about the water play structure is you can add onto it like a giant tinker toy set. The bowl slide you see on the plans is for a future addition. All the footings and pumps will be built now so when we want to add the slide all we need to do is put it together. There are also plans for a flow rider, and mat racer.


Have they added that bowl slide yet? I remember seeing it in the original park plans but it was labeled as "future expansion"

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Shane, this all looks amazing, great job by you and your crew. That an active member of this site has a park is just awesome. I somehow have just now found this thread but will be watching to see how it goes for you, best of luck.


My guess for this year is a bowl slide with surf music and surf shack theming. "Cowabunga Surf Shack" baby. The Flowrider would add a bit more variety to the line-up so that seems like a great idea to me too.

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No not yet…I can’t make up my mind between a B&M or Intamin.


But I did make a guest appearance on a local TV show the other day to promote Christmas sales:




I hope to be able to announce something soon but I like to make sure all permitting and other potential delays are resolved before making it official. I’ll keep you all up to date.


But in the mean time have you seen Stan's latest creation?













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I'm pretty sure they had something just like this in the outdoor exhibits at IAAPA this year. My dad and I loved it (even if it was just ~ 50 feet high and our view consisted of parking lots and people) and it's perfect for an area like this! Should work out great for families!

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I didnt see you in that news clip! May have been the wrong one?


Is there any concern with winter and the water park? From the construction pictures, I remember seeing all those PVC pipes and Im sure it would be a nightmare if one busted.


Anyhow, I was wondering why was the decision made to not go with an infinity pool system and use a skimmer system instead?


Also, why White Water over another company like ProSlide?

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I am so excited about new attractions coming to Cowabunga Bay this season. Not only are we doubling the size of the park and adding an entire new kids area called “Cowabunga Kid’s Cove” but we also have this AWESOME new creation from Euro-Bungee coming to the park. Check it out:




Sorry to post the link, I will try to figure out how to upload the actual video later.

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MORE SHADE!! Woohoo...as a shade enthusiast, I'm definitely making my way out to Cowabunga Bay this year!



Seriously though, it looks great, Shane!


All right smart ass...This is the power of marketing at its best. The "more shade" angle has tripled my season pass sales this year! Trust me, I have learned over the years from Theme Park marketing, you make the most out of what little you've got.


Yes, it is not the fish pipe, it is a much better version from Euro Bungy called the Pipe Rider. You surf in barrel rather than a globe, it provides a much better wave effect than the fish pipe...and as we all know, I am not a fan of the fish.

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