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Cowabunga Bay waterpark

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Cowabunga Bay Making A Big Splash In Draper - Summer 2009

- Goodbye Boring Summer. Hello To The World’s Biggest Water Playground -


DRAPER, UTAH (February 2009) – What do you get when you combine a Utah summer with more than 1500 feet of water slides, a 400-foot lazy river, more than 300 interactive water features, and half a million gallons of water? The answer: Cowabunga Bay - the newest, wettest, water attraction currently under construction in Draper.


“Cowabunga” is surf slang for “awesome” and that is exactly what Cowabunga Bay is designed to be. It is the latest and greatest development from the Huish Entertainment group headquartered in Seattle, WA.


Shane Huish, one of the project developers and a Utah County resident says, “The park has something for everyone. It’s small enough to manage your energetic kids, yet big enough to provide endless summer fun. No paying for parking, no paying for tubes, no boring lines, just play time.”


Michelle, a Draper resident and mother of two said, “It seems that taking the kids to the water park will no longer be an expensive all-day event. I can relax while the kids play or I can join in on the fun.”


Adventurers, both young and old, can navigate through 225 winding feet of water-drenching bridges, tunnels and net climbs found throughout Cowabunga’s six story play structure. Thrill seekers can drop 50 feet on “Bombora” one of Cowabunga Bay’s high-speed water slides. For beginners there is the “Mae Day” or the racing “Double Doggers.” And, if the urge strikes, there are water cannons, squirt hoses, tipping cones, and adjustable fountains to soak your friends. Whatever the level of adventure, Cowabunga Bay’s 300 plus interactive water features will quench anyone’s thirst for summer fun.


Cowabunga Bay’s crowning features are two gigantic water buckets, which intermittently dump more than three metric tons of water, creating the world’s biggest splash.


Feedback from the neighborhood kids has been very positive. Brandon, a 4th grader at Daybreak Elementary, could only say, “Awesome!” when shown pictures of Cowabunga Bay. “Either he was hip to the Cowabunga vernacular or just speechless, we’re not sure; either way, we are optimistic about his response.”


Guests can enjoy lunch from the Cowabunga Island Grill, or a relaxing float down the 400-foot Lazy River, or simply soak up some much needed relaxation in the Wading Beach. Private cabanas as well as Birthday and Corporate parties will be available.


Located just off the 123rd South Draper exit at the Factory Outlet Center, Cowabunga Bay is expected to open early summer of 2009 and will operate daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, please visit http://www.CowabungaBay.com.


# # #


About Huish Entertainment

Huish Entertainment, formally Huish Family Fun Centers, has been providing family fun for over 50 years. Started in 1957 by twin brothers John and Jim Huish, the company has grown from a small miniature golf course in Springville, UT to one of the leaders within the Family Entertainment Industry. They currently own and operate Family Fun Centers and Bullwinkle’s Restaurants in Portland, Seattle, and a future park north of Everett, WA.



Well in my spare time between historical posts and updates over at Shane's Amusement Attic I have been working on a little project I am now thrilled to share with everyone. Cowabunga Bay is a new waterpark project I came up with after visiting Hersheypark a couple of years ago, and it finally taking shape in Draper, UT (15 minutes south of Salt Lake City).


After my kids and I spent hours playing in the East Coast WaterWorks I thought, how great would this be as a stand alone attraction that we could change a small admission fee for...Well we took the basic Hersheypark (thanks to those at Hersheypark that helped us with their experiences both good and bad) design and made it bigger, added more slides and play elements and came up with the World's Biggest water play structure. We are also adding some other waterpark staples to round out the park. A lazy river, wading pool, food, cabanas and more.


It is very excited to see construction start after a year of planning. As an interesting side note we just learned the the first In-N-Out Burger in Utah will be built next to the park. It is going to be an exciting summer in UTAH!



Theme and elevation of the Giant Rainfortress from White Water West


The theme elements and layout design


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Congratulations Shane!


This looks like a great project!


We took KT to a water park last week and she loved it so much, I wondered why aren't there more just kids water play areas around? This looks like a great concept and I wish you nothing but the best!


Please continue to update us as I'd love more details on all the slides (especially ones KT can ride!) as we may be visiting late this summer!

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About time Utah gets another water park!


I'm really excited about this, I've been saying we need another one. Although I was thinking of down in Utah County but Draper is close enough.


It looks good!


Within the plans are there ideas of how they can expand the park in the future?

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Here's an update on the first shipment of slides. So far 6 trucks have been delivered another 24 are on their way...and that is just for the play structure.



These parts are for the 3 high speed enclosed slides


It is like a Skittles explosion


These parts are for the open body flumes, there will be three of them from heights of 18', 27' & 35'


No code to decipher here, it is pretty obvious what this part is for


I know it is not B&M track parts but still kind of exciting.


1st delivery of slides


more geek shots


Geek shot


construction has begun. The site is being developed as part of the Factory Outlet stores, that way we share the parking.


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^ ha ha ha, that is exactly what I said when I was 14. But now after dealing with attorneys, engineers, sewer departments, health departments, un-friendly neighbors, banks, accountants, contractors, vendors, building inspectors, deadlines and competitors I sometimes wish I had just kept my job at Nordstrom.


Honestly I have to say, it is A LOT of hard work but in the end the Amusement Business really is the most fun business to be in!!!!

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Honestly I have to say, it is A LOT of hard work but in the end the Amusement Business really is the most fun business to be in!!!!


That much I can agree with with!!


Congrats on getting this off the ground! That water play structure looks awesome!

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I remember reading out this a couple of weeks back, but it's really cool to hear this is coming from one of TPRs own.


I think you've got a really good concept here...from the road It'll be an icon in itself...colourful, full of motion and with a confusing web of slides and ramps) , and of course the 'worlds largest' aspect is a great selling point.


But there are a few things I am wondering about it:


-Obvious one, but if it is a success, will we see you replicate this concept across the country (and the globe)?

I know I'm sticking up for my own country here, but It's crazy to think a country as warm and sunny as Australia only has three proper water parks... In Melbourne and Sydney there have been days where the temperature has reached 116F, yet neither of these cities have water parks..... Build one here


-And following on...obviously there is the provision to attach extra slides to the play structure, but if the park became particularly popular, would you then be able to add conventional water park attractions on standalone start towers and grow it into a full blown park, or would the park always remain true to the original, compact and value for money experience?


-Was it sort of hard to draw the line in terms of what the park would and wouldn't contain? We have a water play structure and a lazy river as the staples, but was there a temptation to try and hang every slide type under the sun off the structure, or include other compacted versions of common water park attractions?

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Hey Shane Buddy!!


This was fun to see!


I always thought you lived in California for some reason, and had no clue your desire to make this happen.



I am glad you posted this so early because I just added this stop to The Big Mike Road Show 2009 schedule!!!


Will you be there personally to greet me at the door?


Congrats, cant wait to check it out this summer!



Peace, Big Mike

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Thanks everyone for the great comments and well wishes. I really appreciate getting your thoughts and ideas on this project.


Of course all TPR-ers that are in the area are more than welcome to come by and give it a try.


Big Mike- I will personally be there waiting for you in my floral beach shorts.

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What a great project, Shane! I'm sure it will be a huge success, it looks on par with the Great Wolf lodge waterparks!


One question, though. It appears in the first picture, the blue-print-esque on seems to have a bowl (cannon bowl, pro bowl, behemoth, not sure) but in the two sketches below, I didn't see it on the other side of the platform where the purple slide is. I believe it's either slide A or F from the blue print. Was it taken out of the idea, or just not shown, or hidden by all the layers slides?


Because those bowls are SO much fun! I think my favorite slide.


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