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  1. Awesome thanks for the feedback. If the rides do close are they pretty good at getting them back up if the rain lets up?
  2. Quick question. I'm going to be in Atlanta this weekend for a business trip and want to hit up SFOG for Holiday in the Park. The forecast shows a chance of rain in the evening. What is the general experience at SFOG with rain? Do all the coasters close at the first drop? Just trying to get an understanding and perhaps change my plans to visit the park to a different night.
  3. I'm going to be down in Atlanta for a business trip on Saturday Sep 9th. The park hours are listed as 10am to 8pm. I wouldn't be able to get there until 3pm. With the park closing at 8pm on a Saturday does that mean it's not too busy? Would I be crazy to try to do the park in 5 hours without a FlashPass? Also, is there a true single rider line at this park? I'm seeing conflicting information online. Any insight would be awesome!
  4. Hey TPR, I've recently finished up a roller coaster based mobile app for iOS and Android called Coaster Thrills! You can check it out at Coaster Thrills or you can search for it in either app store but it might not be showing up high in the search results quite yet. Give it a download, play it, love it, rate it. In case anyone is curious, it took me just under 2 years to make this (side hobby) and it was built using Corona SDK and the Level Director plugin. It's a labor of love and I feel that it offers really fun gameplay. I got the inspiration for a very old German flash game (some of you may remember it) but I haven't been able to find it online anymore. Video!
  5. Just an FYI that the ticket system is still used for kids under 3. You can buy tickets for them to ride a couple of rides or buy an all-day pass. But that still doesn't explain why big rides (and new ones) continue to have a ticket system since a toddler won't be able to ride Cannibal. There must still be another situation where they use the ticket system.
  6. I've often gone to Lagoon with an odd number of people and we've had empty seats on Wicked, even with people in the single rider queue. I think it happens more times than you imagine it does.
  7. I downloaded it at my work so that I wouldn't have this problem. Downloaded the demo in 5 minutes. I am in Utah so I wonder if I'm hitting a different server (Content Delivery Network possibly?) than others.
  8. I'm not sure if this has been asked yet, sorry if it has as I haven't seen the information yet. Will there be a demo available as well? I want to buy No Limits 2 but not before I can test it on my machine to see if it can even run it smoothly.
  9. ^ The same thing happens in Windows 7. Windows now doesn't let programs store files in the Program Files directory tree (besides when initially installed) normally. If you run the program as Administrator it should be able to save to that location fine. But the annoying thing is that the files you saved when not admin won't show up unless you go and find them in the virtual store and move them into the Program Files directory tree manually. But once you do that and always run the program as administrator all the save files should stay there. It's also worth noting that when un-packaging track packs and stuff that it might put them in the virtual store. Yeah it's kind of a mess.
  10. I find this new technology in the parks exciting. As someone involved in IT I am wondering what sort of security measures are being put in place in the wristbands? If they are using RFID technology then the information/data from the wristband could be copied to another device when a person is within a certain range of the wristband (which isn't terribly hard in a crowded theme park). I know that they said it requires a PIN for purchases over $50 but that just means several smaller purchases could be made throughout the day (and if someone copied your wristband data you wouldn't really realize it since you still have your wristband on your wrist).
  11. When I read this I thought I had recalled that Disney had gotten the rights several years ago. But in doing some searches I am not bringing up anything. Does anyone else remember talks of this happening? (I thought it was around the time that Universal secured HP).
  12. Nice trip report, it's good to see someone who enjoyed Lagoon. Most people I talk to here in Utah do consider it a 'ghetto boring' park. I'm not really sure why as it really is a nice little park with quite a few decent rides. They seem to think that unless it has a TTD or an X2 it's not really a theme park.
  13. Two new updates this week for everyone's enjoyment. They're both on the website and one is a new YouTube update video that shows a newly animated sequence. Check it out and enjoy! Space Mountain Update
  14. Sure no problem. To do this I'm using 3D Studio Max (kind of a lesser of Maya which is used a lot in the industry in animation). All I do is create shapes, apply textures (either colors or images I've made in photoshop) to those shapes. I can also add what's called bump maps which keeps some objects the perceived texture, like how the floor looks like it isn't perfectly smooth. This is one of the things that the eyes understand what the material is. Because that's how we really tell is by how the light reflects because it can tell us if it's smooth, or has bumps and so on. Then I add lights to the scene (which I'm currently doing). After that is ready I will animate the objects in the scene. Once everything is looking good I will render it. This is where the computer churns out a picture for every frame of animation, it calculates the objects and lights in the scene and what the camera is looking at to decide what type of picture to make. It's a really cool process and the only reason I've kept working on this project is because the results keep surprising me with how good they look. So in a nut shell that's the process, it takes a long time. I've been working on this off and on since June '09. I might be able to get it done before the year is up which is my current goal. Thanks for taking a look at the project.
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