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  1. What ever you do, head out early Friday as traffic is heavy later in the evening getting to Vegas. We left San Diego two years ago at 5:30 and it took almost 7 hours to get there. Are you doing Double Down tickets? Is this your first time at the World Finals?? Reason being I suggest not staying at the host hotels. The shuttles can take hours to get you to and from the event. Parking at the event isn't to bad but can be a mess getting out. There is a decent hotel (nothing fancy) less then a mile from the stadium and in walking distance called Sienna Suites. They all have a kitchen area so you can head back after the pit party and make dinner before the event.
  2. I have been doing this trip (LA-Vegas for MJWF) for the last five years. Last year the way Easter fell was the first year SFMM wasn't open during the week. I had to go to Sea World as in 2010 we did KBF and I didn't have passes this year. I would go to LA early even if SFMM was closed as there are plenty of parks to keep you busy. Craig p.s. Don't expect Outback Thunda to be in it!!!
  3. Actually 4 flashes of me and the kids... remind me to NEVER do a video shoot again!
  4. So after a great Halloween Weekend camping and Geocaching we decided to stop on the way home to get Casey another credit! While there we decided to take a look and see if something was still there..... What do I win??? On the way home Casey say " I miss Big Mike!"
  5. ^ he is 5 1/2. Not sure where KT is it but by the end of summer Casey should be sitting around 120.
  6. As the saga continues for The Quest for #100, the royal family headed out on their next journey. They headed east to a place that they thought that they could pick up some seeds for their baker back home. As it turns out this Sesame Place has nothing to do with seeds but rather a fun place for the tiny people of the kingdom. The royal family, disappointed entered to see what this place had to offer. Turns out they have a flying machine that only pretends to to take you out to the outer reaches of space. Sir Casey wanted to give it a go so off they went! Turns out that The Quest for #100 has been achieved! Sir Casey honored King Iggy by sharing the joyous occasion. A fitting milestone for a 5 year old! So after a day that went by really fast and only about half over the royal family had time to kill and decided to head east even farther to see if they could see the edge of the world! Their journey brought them to the end of land and where the water starts. As they were looking for the sea they stumbled across a boardwalk. and decided to take a ride on this futuristic steel hot rod! The edge of the world is not in sight, is it truly flat and will you fall off the edge? One of the Sea Serpents made it's way to shore. You have to watch out for those! But have no fear..... Mighty Mouse is here! As the royal family explored the shore they found some king's missing jester out on holiday! A much needed break for all. As the royal family turned in for the night only one day was left on their Great Adventure to this far away land. Their journey brought them closer together and they had a blast being able to finally take Sir Casey on a Great Adventure. Many more rides were had on this last day. Sir Casey would not do the Superman pose with the other jesters. So with The Quest for #100 being achieved the royal family headed back west on the big steel bird! Now The Quest for #200 begins!!!! Thanks for reading, King Iggy!
  7. So day three was upon King Iggy and the royal family. They didn't get enough time at Sir Hershey's park the evening before to truly enjoy it fully so they headed here again for a day of merriment. The day was a wet and soggy one to start but heated up with a few rides on a non Celsius ride hot like a dragon's breath. Sir Hershey had some fairly odd jesters roaming the grounds that were not your normal type but almost good enough to eat. Sir Casey just loved this jester as in this land of merriment he measured up to him! He can't wait to be a Hershey bar! As time passed on this wonderful day, many adventures were had. A wet start meant that not many fellow town's folks came out to enjoy such a wonderful place. So lines were very short for the liking. On their Quest for #100 it took them down a path that on a chilly day they didn't want to go. Since the two older siblings to Sir Casey didn't want to be cold or wet, King Iggy braved the chilly air, stripped down to his knickers and rode the great wet flying bird thing in the sky. They tried to get the older two wet standing down below but they were to smart and knew what was going on. To bad two older folk out for a stroll didn't realize what can come from above. King Iggy and Sir Casey didn't make friends with those local town folks that morning. In a effort to please the local town folk, the royal family decide to rent out some horses from the stable. After a few laps around and around it was time to leave this place and check out what else Sir Hershey had to offer. As it turns out Sir Hershey likes to dabble in making candy for his subjects and all that visit his land. So the Royal family were invited to tour his factory. After learning much about the sweetest place in the land it was time to say goodbye and be on their merry way. After some much needed rest the royal family headed east on day four that would take them to places they never imagined. A Kingdom with a park were to be explored this day. They had heard of frightful things this kingdom had! They just had to go inside this kingdom and see for themselves! They heard about all types of animals big and small were running free in the park. Like dragons so tame you can take flight on them. Or birds that carry you around and obviously make you a little crazy. And mice so big that all four can be taken for zig zagging good time. But the most frightening thing for the royal family was going to see about some black magic or Voodoo that goes on in this park. Sir Casey stayed behind while the rest went to to see about it. Turns out that even if you get to close you will be Possessed! After the effects of being possessed wore off, Sir Casey was off with what was thought to be the voodoo master to try his hand at shaking the curse off. King Iggy was not happy with this dreaded curse and could not get that feeling of joy like Sir Casey did! Or did he? The Quest for #100 will continue!!!!!!
  8. King Iggy and three of his royal family members set out on a fabulous journey across this great land on a Quest for #100. The royal family boarded a giant steel bird and headed east in hopes of finding thrills and treasure. The first stop for them was to see how other King's Dominions faired to his. This King's Dominion had a lot of thrills and oddly enough had a bobsled with no snow. The youngest, Sir Casey was smiling ear to ear to be able to sled in the summertime. In this land they seem to be confused. They have volcanoes, a race track and bears oh my! Seems they want to be in a different country. All in all the royal family had a good time in this different King's Dominion with very little subjects around and it made for some short lines. But alas this king didn't like to run all his rides very well. With medium crowds all the coasters had only one train running! With all the rides done and not wanting to wait in anymore line the royal family decided to head back north to their overnight accommodations, but along the way they decides to stop off and see what some wizard had dreamed up. Seems some wizard built a ship to try to take you into the vast regions of this thing called outer space. This ship didn't take off to outer space but rather just went round and round and up and down many times. This wizard didn't have a dominion but decided his land would be fun. The royal family left and got a good nights rest so they could be ready for day two of their quest to find #100. Day two started bright and early for all four and today was going to be a day to find treasure and visit a kingdom for kids. The royal family had their coordinates to try and find some treasure other king's and queen's have left to find. Their morning of treasure hunting took them to a war museum which finding the treasure was quite difficult but finally achieved. They signed their name to the log book and moved on to the next treasure chest that took them by a pristine university. There they found a treasure box much bigger then the last and signed that log book and took some treasure and left some trinkets in there for the next treasure hunter to find. Following the coordinates to the next treasure box brought them to the parking lot of a fabulous wonderland made by some people of the Dutch decent. After finding the treasure box and signing the log book they decided to see what this Dutch Wonderland was all about. This Dutch wonderland seems to be a Kingdom for kids. It fuels their imagination and lets them pretend they can joust or be a Knight or a Princess for a day. Or meet the real Princess and Knight. You can also experience a ride on their own Kingdom coaster or If you're good in this kingdom you can get whipped!!!!!! This is strange! Seems to be a good kingdom. So after staying longer then expected and wanting to find more treasure they followed some new coordinates to a land that smells like cocoa. A land that Sir Hershey has made sooooo sweet and fun. After finding more treasure at the entrance of this magical place they entered Sir Hershey's park to find out that he was entertaining thousands with a show of magnificent proportions. Seems he invited some young performers ( The Jonas Brothers) from the far reaches of the west coast to play for his subject out east. But this did not stop the royal family from trying to reach the vast reaches in outer space by taking a ride on a comet or trying something super and blazing new trails. Day three to come. Will the Royal Family find this #100 or will it have to wait?? Stay tuned! Iggy
  9. Great to meet you Jon, Still waiting for the Stripper pole dancing Casey picture from Jo! Tell you mom thanks again for hanging out with Casey!
  10. Ok, we bought season passes and had them processed last year (Oct). We get an email in February about being able to keep them and some free ticket vouchers will be sent to us to bring friends. Any body else get this and get your vouchers? I have not and have not been successful in contacting them. This is from their FAQ section about this.. I have family members who bought season passes to Kentucky Kingdom. What happens now? Costs for pre-purchased 2010 Season Passes will be 100% refunded — refund requests must be received by April 28, 2010, see our refund procedure. Notices were recently emailed to Season Pass holders. We also invite those Season Pass holders to remain so, as their Passes will be valid at all other Six Flags Theme Parks throughout the 2010 Season. For those guests who choose to keep their Kentucky Kingdom Season Passes, we will be sending them four Bring-A-Friend Free Passes that will be valid at any of our other Six Flags parks as well. Any help on this would be great. Have filled out the contact to SFKK twice and can not find anything to contact corporate. Craig
  11. ^^ Hi Joe! ^ It was a lot of fun but to much driving around! I don't mind driving but rush hour traffic driving sucks everywhere and with teh times the parks closed we got stuck in it everywhere!
  12. ^ We are lucky enough that we hit them in Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis and Minnny almost every year plus many smaller shows around also. This was my 5th WF and my 4th in a row!
  13. So the kids are were on spring break and once again we headed out west. Up at 4am to catch a 6:50 flight and off to LAX we go. Once we land we head right here...... Main reason we are here is to get this little guy his credit (no lifts needed!)... Just having a little fun the rest of the day... Knott's was pretty dead all day. Took our time and enjoyed the park at a slow pace and once around the park was god enough. Got a good price on my Plat Pass this year. I took Karen's one day ticket and another one day ticket I found (in the garbage can) and the parking ticket I trade a guy in the parking lot and got Mine and Gage's passes for $124.00 each after getting those deducted off. So we are getting kinda tired and decide to go check in the hotel and let Karen take a nap. After all she had to work Tuesday night and get only about 4 hours of sleep between home and the plane. So while she is sleeping I take the kids credit whoring..... See how the older one still gets excited!... Action shot (he doesn't look so excited now does he?)... After miscalculating the time and distance from Boomers to the hotel we rush back and wake Karen up so we can go have a feast and watch a show.... Little guy is getting tired.... Sadly our Knight did not win but a good time was had by all. Day 2. We are up bright and early to head to a park on a mountain, a mountain that is magic cause of it's six flags!... This is the first time here for Casey so he gets to ride a few.... Who's JEALOUS????.... This is for Beth... Don't we wish we could keep them caged up sometimes?.. As we head out we take a photo by teh crowded fountain... Talk about a dead day. This had to be the deadest I have ever had going to SFMM. Waited three train for X2 which seems shorter then I remember and not much better then before and I don't need to ever ride again. Terminator is a solid ride but as many GCI's just seems short but was surprised about a couple pops of air. Line would have been WAYYYYYYYY shorter if you didn't have to go through all the pre-shows. They were actually sending trains out 1/3 full at times cause it wasn't synced up right to the pre-shows. Caitlyn finally got her Batman credit and while her and Gage went to ride that I decided to take Casey on some of the FEW flat rides in that area. I was surprised at how good their Scrambler is. Casey also got his first experience with a Round-up and loved it. Pretty much hit everything as we rounded the park once and decided to leave around 3. Only disappointment was that Ninja was closed for rehab as Casey could have gone on it! Day 3. After a long dive down the night before we were able to sleep in a little and head here..... So glad we headed to Coastersaurs first thing cause that line got LONGgggg later, first train of the day.... Arrrrrrrr matey, you like my feathers in your face? 2 boats, 5 family members, one shot... I'm good!!!(I don't cheat like Big Mike!)!!!!... Casey had to hold on to mom during the ride as she doesn't like the hairpin turns. He actually was concerned for her but let go of her for the drops... Someones having a good time on the Dragon, Casey did too!... Someones fulfilling a fantasy (Oops did I say that out loud?)... Can anyone spot Frank???... If you got to go.... Everyone can see you.... Just trying to pick a winner... I've said it before and I'll say it again, There is never enough time for us at this park. Park closed at 5 and we could have spent another 3 hours there. To us it never gets old and this is true for the kids also as Gage was far behind us in Mini-land looking at everything. So we leave about 5:20 and head out to Vegas for the main reason we come west every spring for the last four years and sure enough we catch rush hour traffic and 2 major accidents heading north and 1 southbound on the 15. We pull into our hotel 7 f'ing hours later. Ugggg! Traffic kinda ruined our plan at stopping at Castle Park on the way out. Day 4. Monster Jam World Final XI. Yes folks we follow monster trucks and are proud of it. Its getting pretty bad that some of the drivers know us by name now! The world Finals has 24 trucks that race for a championship and then come back and Freestyle for another championship We head out to the pit party before the show to meet and greet with the drivers of the trucks. Jim Kohler in Avenger.... Charlie Pauken (Freestyle Champ), Candice Jolly (yes that little thing drives a big ole' monster truck) and Danna Creech.. One of the biggest names in monster trucks, Dennis Anderson in Grave Digger (Racing Champ)... After the pit party we have a couple hours so we walk back to our suite and cook up dinner and rest a little before the show.. Our view of the track that the racing and freestyle happens. The trucks come from behind the scoreboard down what marked Thunder Alley on each side at about 65mph. Turn the corner and jump the dirt mounds in the middle... One of the races... Family shot with the aftermath.... Day 5. Up early again and head back to LA. Traffic was much better this morning and we made good time. Time enough to stop here and get Casey and Karen another credit... Out the door and right to another park before heading home, been wanting to get Casey here before they close if they ever do... Kid is racking up the credits... Such a classic and so glad he finally got it.. I got some private mommy time on it too .... Casey loves Frog hoppers and this was his first BIG one and he LOVED it. Even though that his finger tips were turning white as he was holding on (look at the laugh on him far right)... Feed the goats time, not happy about feeding the goats. Casey didn't like the aggressiveness of them.. All aboard the train for a lap around before we head out to fly home!!! We actually spent more time here then I thought we would and missed going to Pacific Park to get Casey and Karen their credit on West Coaster. Whats wrong with me???? Thanks for reading if you made it this far, Craig
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