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Cowabunga Bay waterpark

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Well it is IAAPA time and the World WaterPark magazine has put out a special Convention edition and I am pleased as punch that they featured Cowabunga Bay. Here is an interesting story about how the park came to be.



Hurry and turn to page 136!






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The really funny thing is that just yesterday I found that on my desk at work and I flipped through and saw something very familiar. Was a great article and I wish you the best of success.


/starts vicious rumors for 2011 season


So, uh.... when is the Aqua Loop going to be installed?

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Very cool article.


What type of chlorine/filters do you use? At my old waterpark we used highrate sand filters with a series of UV lamps. We also used Sodium Di-Chlor.


That is exactly what we use. 3 large highrate sand filters and a UV lamp on each water system. Each system has a 25 minute turnover rate.

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I went to this park yesterday for the first time and then came home curious to learn more about it. I'm also a business owner in Draper so I was looking for a little more information on the history and owners of the park. A little googling led me to this awesome thread (and about an hour of wasted time going through all of it!)


We took our 2 1/2 year old son and were just so amazed with the place. I didn't think there would be much for a 2 1/2 year old to do at a water park but he pretty much had the time of his life, possibly literally. We went in the evening and the shade combined with a nice breeze left it a little chilly - he was shaking from cold at one point but we still couldn't tear him off of the rain fortress! He walked around all day today saying "Cowabunga Bay, Cowabunga Bay, Cowabunga Bay".


Great work Shane!

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