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Cowabunga Bay waterpark

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Thanks everyone for your well wishes. The opening was hectic as they usually are in the amusement industry. But overall things went quite well.


The park looked great and our employees are the best. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate with us. It is never fun to open a waterpark in rainy weather. Hopefully the sun comes out soon!


More later

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Cowabunga Bay Opening Day...the pictures tell the story.


Note to self: Never open waterpark in lightning and hail storm.


Sunshine, lollipops and Rainbows


Well the good news is, we sold a lot of season passes



still, people braved the weather for the AWESOME new waterpark


the surf Gods were NOT pleased


It's like rain...on your wedding day

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Is it just me or is it miserable all over the country?


But seriously, I'm glad you were able to sell a lot of season passes on opening and let's hope the weather clears up soon over there (and over here).


PS: Are you distributing brochures/maps for Cowabunga Bay? I would really like to know.

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Sorry the weather was bad, but then as has been said before, all opening days have their problems. At least you sold a lot of season passes, which should mean a lot of non-season pass holders visiting. So your park should be really popular, and it looks great.

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Looks awesome! Now just come build one down here in Vegas! There aren't any water parks here at all besides a slide at a community pool. It's torture in the summer!


Also, are the plans for the ProBowl going in?


I have always dreamed about one day being able to work with a waterslide company and open my own waterpark! I'd love to find a way to get my foot in the door...

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