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  1. Sheikra Sheikra's heartline didn't change, they "simply" removed floor sections to make them more open. They've also always had the tiered seating if that is what you're thinking about... As for Mantis, it is the only coaster I've been on that came with groping. For some reason, every time I rode that thing, the attendants in the station would not hesitate to just go all touchy feely in that area. Every. Time.
  2. Yes. If a guest comes back from a ride injured (beyond things like head banging) you should (IMO) stop operation to find out why. I completely agree as well. As the saying goes, safety first. And I'm not quite sure, Tmcdllr, what you mean by "every time somebody complains 'like this' because I don't know of any other complaints like this. In my opinion (and I don't see why this is even a debatable issue), someone getting hurt on a ride (as Comeagain stated, outside of something like headbanging) is serious and should be taken seriously by the park. If Disney, Universal, or Knott's received a complaint that someone was hurt from an obstruction on a ride, you bet they're going to shut down the ride immediately. And to the argument that rides would never run if they addressed complaints whether they were made up or not, well look, Ninja can't run AT ALL right now because they didn't look into something they should have. I agree too, safety first, and if there is an obvious injury such as bruising or bleeding then yes, do the inspection now. But I'm sure the parks get guest complaints all the time of alleged 'injuries' on rides with no obvious signs of the injury and in that case, should they then stop the ride and inspect it every time that happens? Maybe it depends on the alleged injury, I don't know, or, does this even happen often enough- real or fake, to even cause a problem? What do you guys think? I'm sure they are many of you that have visited parks more frequently than I have so what is your take on this, have you seen such an incident before? Working in this industry, yes, if someone has a complaint that seems to have merit (obvious harm, not just "It was scary!" type harm) then we will most definitely hold the attraction until we can investigate it further. Sometimes that involves walking it, sometimes that involves actually riding it. Hell, even if there is an odd sound on an attraction it will prompt us to hold & investigate. The Big Thunder Mountain accident at Disneyland years ago was a failure of maintenance and training. The ride ops knew of an odd sound coming from the train whilst in motion and continued to load the train before the accident happened that killed someone and hurt a score of others. Safety is the utmost importance. All rides should give the illusion of being unsafe, but if it is unsafe for real reasons, then the park has failed its patrons and given them real risk, instead of a perceived one.
  3. The land area near the front of the park (along Lake Buena Vista drive) seems to be where they're staging all of the construction "stuff." Trailers, vehicles, materials, etc. The stuff between the Team Disney building and Typhoon will be for the new entry ramp from I-4. Will definitely be an interesting thing to see when all of the garages, buildings and work is done. Hopefully it will alleviate the traffic right around 535 on I-4 Westbound since that exit on the weekends is just... terrible...
  4. And fans... lots and lots of fans... Disco yeti is not the correct name... 80s hair band yeti is probably better...
  5. Is it really that fewer of supports? Number wise, probably not, but it definitely looks to be a bit "cleaner." It could be the colors of the supports and lack of true theming around the coaster, but... the B&M one seems to be more "open." That could be a good thing or a bad thing as many rides have neat areas of interaction with their supports, but who knows...
  6. So, on the old drop it wouldn't really pop you out of the seat until a bit into the drop and you'd not return until damn near the upward section of the hmp in the dynamite shack. The new drop pops you out a bit earlier (pre-lab bars mind you... ) and had you returning the seat quicker in the fall. When it opened, passes were pretty cheap and my friends at UCF would go on random days for a bit here and there. We rode the ever living shit out of it, and it was just a crazy ride. There were times where if you timed it right, the old parabolic drop with the hump in the shack could cause you to just get some Intamin levels of ejector air through the drop and the hump at the bottom. No hands throughout would usually have you just lightly grazing your seat throughout the whole thing. It is still a fun ride, but its just not the holy shit must do that it once was...
  7. I'm still miffed about the reprofiling of Ripsaw Falls. When Islands of Adventure opened, that was one of my favorite rides there, the drop was utterly insane... then they refurbed it for whatever reason... For Reference: Original Drop vs. Drop Today
  8. So, with all of these rumors about its potential demise... who has some pickup trucks?
  9. Cool pictures, by far my favorite is the night time shot of the new miniature golf area.
  10. How about a bunch of slalom turns so that I can say that I love the "C-Sections"? *Audience Groan*
  11. Can't say that I'm surprised at this, though in all of my times, the closest I ever got to riding the tower was whilst riding MaxAir. Going to be interesting to see what its like now without the tower to give that disorienting feeling when you basically pull up to the top of the swing and see it upside down. As for DT, can't say that it is a surprise. Nothing worked but the coaster the last time I was there, including the A/C. Though, it is a little sad because that is/was my first and only bobsled coaster. It does stink that a lot of the "filler" rides are leaving parks as of late though; I've always been one to just enjoy rides in general, despite not having the tallest drops, fastest speeds, or most inversions. There is something to be said for those rides that you can hop on with a relatively short wait, have fun, and move onto the next big one. I think we enthusiasts often forget that essential point to theme parks; fun can come from the most unlikely of areas or from the "least" interesting looking coasters.
  12. Sorry if it has been stated before, but is the train moving left to right, or right to left in this?
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