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  1. TPR Update is the only thing in 2020 that is an improvement!!!
  2. Jake, you are just awesome and just a little crazy! Great TR and what a great experience.
  3. I'm in I think I was there the day that shot was taken. Great fun and for a wonderful cause.
  4. 9:30 pm 12/31/15 Heading out to Coney Island now!!!! Anyone else going for NYE?
  5. Fantastic TR Jake I've got to hand it to you, Incredible trip I can't imagine doing all that by myself I'm very envious
  6. Thanks for the photos and video. What a great comeback story and happy ending. Would love to visit Dreamland someday.
  7. Thanks for posting that great video. Kind of funny to call a video of a coaster being dismantled great, but I love this park. Grew up close by so it was my first home park. Used to go there all the time in the mid to late '70's Rode my first coaster there, the Galaxy What a hoot. Glad to see they're keeping the park up so well and adding new things.
  8. Fantastic Thad So great reading your reports. Here in the dead of winter, sure feels nice remembering a wonderful summer.
  9. Thanks Jake Great pictures that bring back great memories. It is impossible to overstate how awesome the park owners were to us. Grona Lund packs so much fun in such a small footprint. World class coasters, classic fun houses and a great new dark ride. And a visit with TPR, with all the great treats and ERT, can't get any better than that!
  10. ^^^ Jon, I remember how you rode this on the Oktoberfest trip at Belantis park. I was right behind you I think and you just spun and spun and spun non-stop I was amazed at how you got the knack so fast. Slighty different model, more like the old Condor rides, just went up and stayed up. Glad BPB is getting this one. They're a lot of fun.
  11. I love them too. Great way to see something I may have missed and to look again at things I thought were great or real funny. I like them a lot. They also brighten a sometimes dreary Mondays' email list. Keep them coming!
  12. I'm impressed! Pretty effing good so far Pretty effing funny! Those small parks are awesome. I didn't know Mr. T was gone either.
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