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  1. Not taking it personal stating a fact - at the Levi Bash the park reps confirmed a rotation for cap ex spending amongst the larger CF parks in sequence and to expect a major ride apox. every five years. The building of a big ride was heavily inferred by the park as the reason for removing the togo stand-up. That ride looks to have been pushed back at least two years if not cancelled. Now as is speculated above the change in the exchange rate (about 30%) probably changed the cap ex plans. That 'crown jewel' comment came from CF management who was shocked to see how profitable CW was a few years back after opening Behemoth. I think in one year it even had the largest attendance of any seasonal park. But again profits were inflated by the dollar being near par.
  2. I think we lost our place in the rotation of big rides and being the test park behind Kings Island. Guess we are no longer the 'crown jewel'. They got Diamondback and Banshee the years after Behemoth and Levi but they are getting a new coaster before us now. Still makes me sad to see the old Skyrider plot completely empty. That great ride is still making riders happy in Italy - I wish they waited to remove it.
  3. As great as an RMC would be - a few thoughts 1. RMC's seem to be a six flags exclusive supplier. What makes us think that Cedar Fair will be willing to work with them so soon? 2. When was the last time a cedar fair park built a wooden coaster? 3. None of the RMC's to date how been a simple out and back like minebuster. I don't think the layout is conducive to their particular set of skills. If anything Wilde Beast is a better fit although probably not big enough a ride for a meaningful conversion 4. Having given up a coaster last year and promising publically a replacement coaster - doing a makeover of an existing ride which will not be an additional coaster will probably not have the same reception as a new coaster 5. La Monstre at La Ronde is perfect for an RMC look what they did with the double tracked collossous- why would Wonderland knowingly build something that will be so easily eclipsed in the near future? 6. I think the next ride will be a looping B&M the question is whether it is a wingrider, launched wingrider or a proper floorless. If the GP gravitates to Rougarou I could see them build a nice Banshee like record breaker.
  4. Follow-up question thinking about going as far west as Texas. Anything great in that area?
  5. Thanks guys. You don't need to sell me on Orlando again. We try to go over new year's each year. Hopefully he will hit 42 by then. This trip may have to be more about BBQ than rides
  6. Funny enough I finally took my 3 year on the Ghoster Coaster for the first time yesterday inspiring this post. It was my first coaster and a joy to see him love it the same.
  7. Wanted to bring this back - with a focus on lower limits i.e. 40 inches top three i have been on are: 1. Freedom Flyer (Funspot USA) 36 inches 2. 7 Dwarfs Main train - 38 inches 3. Trailblazer - Hersheypark - 36 inches
  8. I apologize if this has already been asked - can't find anything through the search. Little guy just hit 40 inches. His count is 11 parks and 17 coaster - largely from a Orlando and Pennsylvania visit. We are thinking of doing a road trip to the southeast and have some flexibility. Any must rides for kids? Or parks that have a large selection of coasters that kids can ride? I don't really care about coaster counts but rather unique rides that would be a great memory ie. Trailblazer at Hersheypark worth a trip, Cocoa Cruiser not so much
  9. In terms of the B&M layout for an inverted I thought it was to be a clone of the of one from Great America - so I don't think the design work was too intensivly done or that was unprofessional for B&M to start planning. Wasn't there a real debate over how distance was to be calculated with Wonderland thinking they were in clear only to be faced with Cedar Fair challenging the distance as being two miles short. I am sure law suits were threatened and so Wonderland took the cheaper approach and went Vekoma. It is a shame that the SLCs are so rough as they really are a sexy design. Especially with the way the first drop comes down over the midway.
  10. Also keep in mind when Wonderland announced Leviathan it was thought to be crazy for two reasons 1. the park was lacking in a proper looping coaster. A wingrider, floor-less, B&M inverted, or launched looper like Maverick or FoF was thought to be needed and 2. no one thought having dual large B&Ms would work. Carowinds four years later doesn't have the same holes and the Wonderland experiment worked. It is the same combo only better.
  11. Well there goes the theory that Leviathan was a mistake and really for Knotts. I also never understood the strategy but do love having both in my home park. It's like surf n ' turf would have been happy with either but having both is even more awesome.
  12. The Brake Run is not nearly high or long enough. I thought it was supposed to be Levi 2.0
  13. Plus 1 to St. Louis. Really tasty local chain. Flavourful wings, smaller than what you get in the US and not breaded. They are marinated and super tasty. The suicide sauce isn't gimmicky hot and is really tasty the "white sauce" for the fries is great too. Plus a great patio view of Wonderland. Can't recommend it enough.
  14. I had cracked a similar joke when the ride first opened to your facebook review WMG is really the diet coke of Gringots. Small coaster section, coaster cars that have motion base, track drop section, 3D video with glasses, a dragon, caverns. Like · July 8 at 11:48am ... Theme Park Review I think Wonder Mountain may actually have a bigger coaster section. Like · July 8 at 11:53am
  15. If you are going for two days then you won't need fastpass. The big three coasters Behemoth, Leviathan and Vortex all move pretty quick - you will get rerides. The others are mainly clones. The only real line if you don't get there early will be WMG but that isn't even on fastlane anyways.
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