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Hansa Park Discussion Thread

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Signage at the park is teasing something big coming in 2019, with a media reveal set for August 17th.




Reminds me of the signs they put up teasing Fluch Von Novgorod before it was announced, so... new coaster?

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Hansa park builds drop tower of 120 meters (395 ft) tall




A theme park in Germany will open next year a record-breaking attraction. Hansa-Park opens in 2019 a drop tower of 120 meters (395 ft) high, the highest in Europe and second tallest in the world. The sensational drop tower will be called Highlander. That's what the park announced tonight.


Daredevils are first slowly lifted to the top. The seats then tip over for 30 degrees and will drop passengers at 120 kilometers per hour (75 mph). Highlander will be manufactured by the Swiss company Intamin. IMAscore provides the soundtrack.


The opening will take place in the course of 2019. Hansa Park is developing a British themed area especially for the new attraction. The tower is higher than the highest roller coaster in Europe. That is Red Force in the Spanish theme park Ferrari Land, with a height of 112 meters. There is only one drop tower in the world that is higher than the new drop tower of Hansa-Park. That is the 126 meters high Zumanjaro: Drop or Doom at Six Flags Great Adventure.


The new free-fall tower will be located where the Nessie Superrollercoaster’s lighthouse stand. It is the park’s oldest roller coaster. For the occasion, the latter will be repainted. And will receive a new theme in agreement with Highlander's theme.







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I figured something was up when I saw Nessie's new black paint job in the helix earlier this month but the new theme is looking great. And dayum Highlander's going to dwarf Kärnan


Nice to see Hansa working with someone else than Gerstlauer for their big stuff for a change.

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Some more information:

World's largest gyro drop tower

Name: Highlander

Totalheight: 120m (394ft)

Drop height: 103m (338ft)

Speed of fall: 120km/h (74,5mi/h)

Specials: Tilting seats

Manufacturer: Funtime GmbH, Wien

Height above N.N.: 149 m (489ft)

Number of seats: 24

Straps: shoulder straps

Music: Highlander - composed by Andreas Kübler und Sebastian Kübler of IMAscore


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Two new trademarks appeared this week for the names "Royal Scotsman" and "Heligan Express", one of which is rumored to be the new name for Rasender Roland.





The official artwork for Highlander definitely suggests RR will receive the same Britannica makeover as Nessie so a new name would make sense.



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Hey TPR folks!


We're planning our summer 2019 tour and are considering Hansa Park as our new park for this year.


Has anyone been to Hansa Park with a one year old? He did everything he was allowed on in Tripsdrill and therefore, if we do it, we want to go on two days making sure we'll have enough time to do everything without having to rush.

Do they offer baby switch or a similar system? And how does it work?

Any suggestions for a nice private bed and breakfast over there?


Tanks for your replies!

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