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  1. Baby switch and fast passes are now back and the queue of winjas is now back indoors again. Masks and keeping a distance of 1,5m in queues are the only measures in the Park.
  2. New Video from Phantasialand. Showing the new area with some amazing drone shots.
  3. New official footage: [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew]
  4. Some test footage of the two new Coaster. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  5. They said, it will be "in the middle of the heart of Rookburgh". So, we have a coaster and a hotel in one area, giving day and night a meaning.
  6. Phantasialand just announced it's newest Hotel in the Rookburgh Steampunk Theme area: Charles Lindbergh
  7. Some more information: World's largest gyro drop tower Name: Highlander Totalheight: 120m (394ft) Drop height: 103m (338ft) Speed of fall: 120km/h (74,5mi/h) Specials: Tilting seats Manufacturer: Funtime GmbH, Wien Height above N.N.: 149 m (489ft) Number of seats: 24 Straps: shoulder straps Music: Highlander - composed by Andreas Kübler und Sebastian Kübler of IMAscore
  8. tl;dw: Will be a Woody, no Hybrid. And many new things that will be announced later in the year. That were the important points in the video about colossos.
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