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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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During a recent visit to the park I had a tour by the technical director and he said that to get another coaster they would have to remove one as they don't have the space. I like all their coasters so don't know what I'd sacrifice.


They've said that they'll expand into the parking lot they own south of the park at some point and I think there would be room for a Balder-sized coaster there. They've already build a parking garage to replace the parking spaces. But it's close to a number of apartment buildings so the noise would probably be a problem.


Wow, that was expensive. But i wonder, i heard that the Screaming Swings make alot of noise, so won't that be a problem for Liseberg?


I think the mountain side will shield the closest neighbors from the noise. That's probably why they put it there.

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Translation for those who don't speak swedish:


"The new attraction "Uppswinget" will be located in the middle of Lisebergbanan. The experience of the ride will be similar to that of a roller coaster. The swing you sit in will accelerate from 0-80km/h no less than 10 times during the ride!


Capacity: 32 persons/ride. 16 persons back to back in each swing.

Top speed: 80 km/h

Maximum height: 30 m

Highest pendulum angle: 120 degrees

Manufacturer: S&S Power (the same as Höjdskräcken and Uppskjutet)

Investment: 30 million SEK

Opens: 28th april 2007"


30 million SEK is roughly 4 million USD. Uppswinget means something like "the up swing".

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IMO the 32 versions are the best so far but only because on SkyHawk you only get two full swings, maybe 6-8 total swings, it's over before you know it. But on the 32's you get perhaps 4-6 full swings which is what the ride is all about, huge amount of air, if you aren't stappled into your seat.

Looking forward to Uppsvinget (by the way the name sucks so hard it's not even funny, c'mon Liseberg you can do better than that).

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IMO the 32 versions are the best so far but only because on SkyHawk you only get two full swings, maybe 6-8 total swings, it's over before you know it.


That's a pretty darn chintzy cycle. Maybe they'll lengthen the cycle after the ride has been installed for a few years. Still, it looks like an awesome ride. I'm not too big on flats, but I can't wait to ride Skyhawk later this month.

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Hopefully Stan Checketts Hill will divert most of the noise away from the apartments on the other side. These rides are quite noisy close up, but Liseberg will have thought about this long and hard considering all the issues they've had with noisy rides.


You'll get a great view looking down on Lisebergbanan from the top of the swings.

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Woman tries to stop the boat at top of hill and falls out then gets hit by another boat. What are people thinking.



A woman in her 30s suffered 'very serious head injuries' in an accident at the Liseberg amusement park on Sunday afternoon. The accident occured just after 3pm on the popular 'Flumeride' attraction."Her condition is very serious," said Ann-Christine Andersson at the Sahlgrenska university hospital to TT.


The ride consists of mock log boats which surf along on a water channel. The accident happened on the final steep slope, which has a drop of 14 metres. Two women and a child were in the affected boat.


"The witnesses, including the staff on the ride, saw how the women tried to keep the boat still at the top, just before the drop, by holding on to the railings on the track there. Then the boat went down and one woman was left holding on to the railings," said Liseberg's head of marketing Pelle Johannisson.


The woman appears to have panicked at the top of the slope and tried to climb out. Why the boat continued despite the fact that she was holding on is still unclear, but it could be that the water pressure was too great or that the boat was hit by another one from behind.


"The the woman herself went down in the channel, apparently feet first, down into the pool at the end of the Flumeride," said Johannisson. He added that the woman was then hit by at least one boat.


According to Liseberg, the emergency services were swiftly at the scene of the accident. An investigation will be expected to reveal how the boats could have been stopped. An operator has an emergency stop button, which was used in the incident.


"There are two brakes. But then it also depends on where the boats are in relation to the brakes," said Bo Larsson, head of operations at Liseberg. Sunday was the last day of Liseberg's summer season, but it is not the first accident this year.


On July 15th some 20 people were slightly injured when a rollercoaster slid backwards on a hill and crashed into another carriage at the start point. Then at the beginning of September a small flagpole fell over, hitting a man on the head and causing mild injuries.


The Flumeride was built in 1973 and is one of the most popular attractions at Liseberg. Each log boat has room for four or five people.

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I dont understand why some people act just plain stupid. Why would you be trying to stop the boat at the top of the hill when you know that eventually your going to have to go down one way or another? I dont understand. Im sorry that she got hurt, but Im not sorry it happened, it was her fault.


EDIT- 750th POST!!

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Sometimes there are people who get so frightened that they don't realize how dangerous and deadly thier action is.

Last season at SFNO a parent worked herself and child out of the restraint on wild mouse and jumped out near the top of the lift. Course they would have been safe if they stayed in the car and rode. Thank GAWD i did not have to experience an accident that day!

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If Nicole and I didn't try to jump out when we saw our impending doom on that flume, no one should!


Sad to see this accident, but at the same time it's almost reassuring to see that Sweden has morons just like we do in the States!

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^^^^Well, the ops at the Magic Mountain flumes (or at least Jet Stream) sleep up there, so I doubt they'd do much. And Splash Mountain doesn't have an op, but it''sabvious what people are getting themselves into when they ride it.

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