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  1. Well, Notice how worn the teeth are on the anti rollback. Those needed to be replaced for sure!
  2. Yeah, what was said about more better movies. Blu-Ray has way more better movies than HD-DVD.
  3. Awww, I like GIBS alot. I felt very lucky that The Vu was running flawless the whole first weekend at sfog this month so i got a ride in Sat and Sun. I took a butt load of stereo pair 3D photos in the park which included i guess the last pics i'll ever take of the ride. I took three decent pics of it Here is one half of the stereo pair of one. Here is the red cyan anaglyph 3d pic if you happen to have a pair of red/cyan or red/blue 3D glasses. No other ones will work. By By Deja Vu
  4. I recall being on the pier, and not riding it cause it didn't look all that interesting. I could have been wrong though.
  5. Lucky it was only 20 minutes. Our policy was no more than 20. As soon as Maint arrived, the timer would start. If it wasn't running in 20 minutes we evaced.
  6. For me, it is rest after four cycles in general. Not specific to BB.
  7. Or SFOG. Bout the same time to get there or to kemah or SFFT.
  8. The city is so screwed up and will be for a long time. No one in their right mind would try to bring a park back here. Only half the population has come back. I could write a whole list of whats wrong and why it will never be right but i don't feel like it. Although The reason outsiders think the city is back is because Downtown and Historical French Quarter were basically the only areas not ravaged by the storm and flood. Of course thats where most all our tourism is and it is doing well these days. For residence and the rest of the city is just a huge mess. Probably always will be. New Orleans could have benefitted from this disaster and come back way better than it ever was. I think that chance has passed. New Orleans is pathetic. This comming from someone born and raised here.
  9. I tend to post things about the possibility of a park returning but i never have faith in any of it. I actually know it won't happen. Just like this recent one. www.southernstaramusement.com
  10. Well, didn't they recently announce the new addition and subtraction? I would not put a lot of hope in what the attendant said. I took this my visit the first weekend of fright fest. Maybe the last pic i'll ever take of it.
  11. LOL, yeah. That sucks when it happens. I couldn't take riding over and over for a shoot. I would probably be sick by run # 10. If i re ride coasters i generally rest after 4 cycles. Certainly would like to do the shoot, but it is too much for me now.
  12. It has been officially announced a couple weeks ago. And locals have watched it being moved for quite some time to SFFT. SFNO Batman is becoming Goliath at SFFT.
  13. Disabled inexperienced segway drivers. Ummm, No Thanks. It is not just the speed. Big factor is the "lack of control" introduced with this type of equipment. Not going to explain it. It is just the way it is. No matter how much they argue to get it, it will NEVER happen.
  14. I went first weekend this month and Deja Vu ran flawless both days. Rode it once each day. Lucky me cause i like the GIBs! SIGH
  15. So what you mean is..... Dayum! They had to put Jokers Revenge threre before Katrina and now i can't ride it!
  16. In 2005 i saw the waterpark plans on paper and knew where it was going. it was not going across the street. It was going in the current unocupied area off to the side behind Jester and kids area. It was to start small with a tornado, wave pool two other slides and a play area that i don't know what they call. You know the water areas with the big bucket that slowly fills and dumps huge amounts of water. SFNO was never going, or planning to go bankrupt before the hurricane. Now it is possible that they might have tried to sell the park since towards the end of 2005 was when we were hearing word that SFI was planning on selling off a few parks. Unless you ask shapiro about it, we will never know. I don't know anything about who this is but someone seems to be wanting to give the site a go. http://www.southernstaramusement.com/
  17. I have never seen a coaster get smooth with age.
  18. Like i said in mine. It will be one of those coaster that will be split. Some will love it, some will hate it. I guess i can understand local enthusiasts or those near by not liking that someone does not give it a good review. Now, as far as my review went, seems it was deleted on another site. It was the same exact review since i create em in word then paste. I just figured to leave that site and never go back. Very dissapointing to have a post deleted. I love milk chocolate. Can't stand dark chocolate! Your taste may vary.
  19. Yeah, I certainly am not bashing it. If i happen to be close by i'll stop by to ride it. You just wait and see. By next summer the comments are going to be mixed as, i love it or i don't like it. I Betcha.
  20. Jak hammering is the bounce up and down numerous times in succession. Generally when the term is used for a wood coaster, it means you will experience some discomfort. Of the jak hammering I have experienced in simulators (including BTTF) it has always been good.
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