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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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I went on a construction (lovely piles of dirt) tour for BTR, a few weeks ago. It has made me that more excited to ride it come summer. My home park is OT, but this is by far my favorite of the two. I was impressed with their attention to line management for this coaster. This park has always been great about moving the lines. This was my first time to experience Holiday in the Park and was so impressed. Was the best time. IRAT was wearing her winter skates and flying! Would really like to make it back before the season ends.

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Yesterday Park President Neal Thurman and Director of Marketing Jeffrey Siebert were gracious enough to take TPR on a quick tour of the construction site for Batman The Ride, an exciting brand new S&S designed 4D coaster coming in 2015.


This would also be my first visit to Holiday in the Park and they have certainly done an amazing job. They offer two shows and both pack the house and both are very well done. The Majesty of Christmas is easily the most popular and people lined up 30-45 minutes before gates opened. Same with their new show titles My Christmas Card to you. If you like musicals, you'll like this.


Here is a brief overview of what we learned


- The old car ride station will likely be coming out within the week

- Parts are starting to arrive from overseas

- Alan Schilke designed, so you know it's gonna be amazing!

- Rocky Mountain Construction is responsible for fabrication of the track and should start arriving next month. The structural pieces are being fabricated by S&S.

- Vertical Construction will take about a month to complete. This could start within the next 6 weeks

- Season Pass holders will be given the opportunity to ride before the general public

- Superman's paint work continues during the rides annual maintenance

- Park opens in 2015 on February 28th!


We also shot a quick video of the site, be sure to check it and when you're done, share it with your friends! Who's excited?!


Another awesome update by TPR. Glad to see the TPR presence in te park for HiP and the construction updates. No matter how many coaster sites are out there, I can always count on TPR for great detail and excellent photos in their trip reports.


Keep up the good work and can't wait to see more as we move into the new season.

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Thanks David, we will be back to the site during the offseason as the ride goes vertical.



One thing I failed to mention, the reason it looks as if not much has been done is because they have been upgrading the sewer systems and what not so everything that's been done to this point has been underground.

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The other attraction hasn't been announced yet. I'd be surprised if it was a sky coaster considering SFFT used to have one from about 1994 till about 2001 or 2002. I guess we'll just have to wait. Nice that SKC is getting the paint job. Scream at SFMM is going to get a repaint too. I wonder if Six Flags will be doing that at other parks in the chain.

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I remember years ago I went to the park on a day like that. They also had a free Weird Al concert that evening so we braved through the weather. Ended being a fun day, but freezing.

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Well, not entirely sure what part of the track that is. Station? I don't even know if that's a piece of track.


This is a whole new track design so some of these pieces are going to be strange looking. This is for sure one coaster that's gonna have to be kept an eye on during construction.

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According to SFFT and a RMC discussion thread on RMC's Facebook page, that would be track being loaded up in Idaho where RMC is fabricating the Track portion of BTR.


As far as SKC goes, it's looking pretty good from the pics posted on Facebook and Twitter by the park.



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I happened to notice yesterday that this park has been added to Google Street view. This may be old news but I had fun looking around... it makes me really want to get out to this park because it really doesn't seem like a Six Flags park at all and it's location is beautiful.

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I'm curious why the track is in Utah, since it (or at least some) is being made by RMC up in Idaho.


Could be a variety of reasons as it was manufactured for S&S. A reasonable route would take the track through Utah so a stop at S&S seems logical for historical reasons, to add items to the load that S&S had manufactured, or simply because they wanted to look it over.

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