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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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Based on how biased the GTA's are, I'd say that the 'best new rides' category will go down like this:


1. Batman the Ride / Six Flags Fiesta Texas

2. Fury 325 / Carowinds

3. Twisted Colossus / Six Flags Magic Mountain

4. Thunderbird / Holiday World

5. Wicked Cyclone / Six Flags New England


Not saying I'm agreeing with this, just predicting.

1. Batman

2. Thunderbird

3. Wicked Cyclone

4. Twisted Colossus

5. Fury 325


Not much hype for Fury since announcement week IMO. It's just a taller B&M than the park already has.

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I live in Texas.


the excitement over the Fiesta coaster announcement has not waned in over two weeks.


still almost daily stories.


the General Public is super excited over 1) Fiesta getting a "worlds first" 2) a new coaster 3) a Batman themed coaster.


yeah. . he's in the vast minority over wanting something besides what we are getting.


Just out of curiosity, what could they possibly be writing about that would warrant two weeks of almost daily stories about this coaster (or any coaster for that matter)?

I have trouble imagining two weeks of almost daily stories about a launched water coaster on the moon, let alone a spinning wild mouse coaster knocked onto it's side that hasn't been built yet in San Antonio. Was it just the press release being regurgitated by various local papers?


they were writing about what I said the GP was excited about:


1st coaster of it's kind (the way Six Flags is presenting it)

1st Batman coaster at Fiesta

1st NEW coaster since Goliath (the GP doesn't consider Iron Rattler, "new". . just a re=do)


and it being towards the end of summer, they were reporting on theme parks.


(Schlitterbahn is in the news quite often here too)

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Just about every trash can in Rockville appeared to have Batman: The Ride 2015 stickered on it. As mentioned above, Rockin' at Rockville High moved elsewhere, not closed like mentioned earlier. (There was a fright maze being setup in the building.) It doesn't appear that Rockville will give way to Gotham City either. The only thing I noticed at Motorama was some track removed to apparently move cars off. Speaking of this, maybe a little trip report is in order?


Visited September 20th (Saturday)


Well we got the first flight into Austin meaning get up early. (The first flight into San Antonio was much later so it was faster coming from Austin.) Arrived at the park around noonish to a parking lot with maybe 100 cars if that barely filling up the first 4 rows or so. (No preferred parking needed today.) Long story short, the park was pretty empty making everything a walk on for the most part. We decided to work the counter clockwise circle to get on Rattler before it got busy, which it never really did. But first we rode Road Runner Express. For being a mine train, you wouldn't know it. Very smooth and lifts run fast. It's actually a nice ride and good in the back.


Finally the one coaster I was looking forward to, the Rattler. (Sorry, iron just sounds corny.) Took the front seat which is customary for me for first time coaster I think I actually might like. If you hear this coaster is an airtime machine, that's correct. The front seat was very well loaded with it. Then of course I had to do the back as usual. And that is when things took a turn, for the best. Wow, just wow. The airtime on the back seat of this thing is nothing short of incredible. Not many coasters built now days have ejector airtime, and I mean serious ejector airtime but this one it full of it. Especially note the first drop (I didn't land in my seat till the bottom) and the two drops leading up to the dive into the tunnel.


At this point everything else was just because. We did the bumper cars (too small floor, but not terrible) and the log flume which was pretty descent. Next up was Superman, a uniquer (that's actually a word?) B&M. Cool first drop and after loop maneuver, like a few rides here, they used the quarry to their advantage. Cruising on through Rockville we hit up Scooby-Doo for some competition. (This one is much more difficult then the one in St. Louis which I was used to.) Lunch and then Poltergeist. I ended being the only one to go on and what a ride it is. From the moment you launch until the break run it is non stop craziness. Between the tight turns and the near misses, this is one ride I wish there were more of these. I will admit I was dizzy and nauseous afterwards. Decided to do Scooby-Doo one for time before Pandemonium. This clone has been changed to where the cars actually don't stop in the station but slowly move through. The ops also tell you how to get the most spin out of it. After that we back tracked through the park hitting stuff up we wanted to do again.


Overall: Probably the best day I've had at Six Flags for a long time. With small crowds and ops (or at least the ride) seeming somewhat in a hurry, it made for a great day in a short window of time. In the space of roughly five hours, we rode nearly 15 times on several different ride. Also, check out the diner in Rockville, it was hands down the best food we've ever had at Six Flags. (Our season pass which the cashier asked if we had, saved at almost $10!) A park I would love to go to again, even with a slightly larger crowd.

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I was able to check out Fright Fest last night during the media event. This year they have a new house for a total of 4 haunted houses and 3 scare zones which were all great. Plus, they had Irat open for us all night. I definitely suggest anyone go check out the event for yourself. Here are just a few photos I took.


We were able to ride Irat a few times last night and it's running great.


When you get to go to a media event...


They take care of you with yummy food.


Iron Rattler in the dark is fantastic


NEW! Haunted House


Speaking of NEW!




The scare zones were great.


Great theming


I see you Batman


More Irat rides because why not



i was kind of doubting this maze but it was fun with the 3D glasses.


Here we are


We are VIPs tonight


My new friend

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It has been a long while since I've visited Six Flags Fiesta Texas, but with Iron Rattler and the brand new Batman- the Ride coming next season, I know I must get to Texas before it's too late ( don't ask me what I mean by "before it's too late"; I'm just making this up as I go along). Let's just say that if you haven't been at the park recently, then next season would be the perfect time to make up for lost time.


By the way, nice TR report.

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Polty is open if its not too cold and or windy. Superman is closed for the whole holiday in the park, and that whole section of spassburg with the shades is blocked off. Bugs White Water Rapids is open after Christmas, after Santas Castle is closed which is held in the rides queue.


Try not to go on a windy/really cold day for more rides to be open.

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Not that anyone asked, but Pandemonium is closed during Fright Fest.


On Monday, Scooby Doo, Iron Rattler, and Road Runner Express were also closed.


Most of the track for Motorama was up, and some cables were being buried along the path of the new Batman ride. Overall, though, there wasn't much construction to see at all.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I went to Fright Fest two weekends ago and I loved the low crowd level, even at night once Fright Fest was in full force. I guess going on Sundays is a good thing. Even then we still bought a Flash Pass because they do buy one person get one free on Flash Passes when you have a season pass so we only paid $70 for two people.


The scares zones were done well and the make up over all was really good. We only went through Pitch Black and Fear House 3D. The rest did not look that appealing. Total Darkness was done really well and I was actually scared a few times in there. Fear House was themed extremely well and I jumped a couple times but but overall it was not that scary. I did not the point of people dressed as aliens in there when it was about a circus/fun house theme. The way Fear House is set up they could still operate Pandemonium in my opinion. I love that coaster.


I am from Baltimore so I am used to going to parks during October and having to bundle up and wear many layers. It was nice going to a park in mid October in tshirts, shorts, and flip flops as well as see water rides open.

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Does anyone know if all of or some of the rides are open for the Christmas event? My wife and I are considering a long weekend in San Antonio in December and I'd like to get on Iron Rattler (and Superman) if the rides are open for the event.


I know Iron Rattler will be open. It's supposed to run even better in the cold since they change the wheels. Superman unfortunately in years past has closed during the Christmas event. Most of the other rides are open unless it's to cold.

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I know Iron Rattler will be open. It's supposed to run even better in the cold since they change the wheels. Superman unfortunately in years past has closed during the Christmas event. Most of the other rides are open unless it's to cold.


Thanks, might be worth checking out if Rattler is open, any idea what kind of crowds the Christmas event draws? Seems like the only winter events I've been to at seasonal theme parks have been insanely crowded since not very many attractions were open but sounds like this event might be different.

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