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  1. Went to the park Friday the 18th for HiP. Temperature was mid 40s and dropped to the upper 30s with moderate crowds. Batman wasn't any different as it is in hot weather, over 6 spins. Seems like it spins more on the left side in the seat facing toward Poltergeist as you go up the lift. Wait was 15-20 minutes. IRat valleyed again during testing on the hill before the drop into the tunnel and never opened.
  2. I decided to go around 7:15 yesterday after the weather settled down. Everything except Batman was walk on. IRat was hauling. Nice evening
  3. How is it for people with glasses? Will they make me take them off?
  4. The only one I recall was the rock statue used to have Coyote trying to pry it. The rock would move and it would make noises. On the ground inside the helix, the Coyote was sitting on a rocket.
  5. Nope. Just the bottom of the seats and the Six Flags sign are lit up.
  6. It looks like Superman is going to be open during Holiday in the Park this year. From this link on the Fiesta Texas site. #5 https://www.sixflags.com/fiestatexas/newsroom/holiday-in-the-park-activities?utm_source=park-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=SFFT&utm_content=2014-11-12
  7. Last year for Holiday in the Park, it wasn't crowded but all the coasters ran 1 train. Iron rattler opened a little later on the colder days.
  8. I think behind the kids area where the cowboy hat spills out water
  9. I wanted to ask about the park's offer for the "bring a friend free" for all 2013/2014 season pass holders. Since the park closed due to weather the previous weekend, the extended it to 12/1. I have a gold pass and took my brother-in-law. Got to guest relations and they told me "That was only for certain people" and turned me away. Who was it for? I assumed it was for everyone with a pass since the park posted that on Facebook.
  10. I've noticed IR run much slower anytime there are no riders and you can see it when it comes into the magnetic brakes how much faster it stops. Superman didnt run that morning but it did run later in the day when the temps warmed up to the upper 50s.
  11. Yes, it does have polyurethane wheels. I rode it right when the park opened during one of the Halloween afternoon openings on a Friday when the temperature was in the 60s and it was slow. Can Poltergeist run in the cold?
  12. Iron rattler valleyed on a test run just before the airtime hill before the tunnel. Temperature at opening was about 40 degrees. While trying to take another picture from inside the park, the employee at the slingshot yelled "sir, no picture of construction please!" I've never heard of anything rule like that. Setting up to pull the train over. Sorry for the low quality picture. Here is the stuck train.
  13. If its staffing, they should close Bugs white water rapids and open Superman. Bugs always runs during HiP and I hardly see anyone riding it.
  14. The entry line for Gold pass is the furthest right entry gates next to guest relations. There are signs pointing you to it. 15 minutes early No. All rides open with the park. It gives you time to walk to the ride and get in line till it opens. You get to ride a few times till everyone else catches up.
  15. On the SF website where it advertises for the season pass and buying it right now would get you in free for fright fest, does that mean the cost of the haunted houses is included in the price of the pass, or does it just mean its to let you in the park now through the end of the 2014 season?
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