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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 417 - Fury back open now with 100% less crack!

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Carowinds is definitely one of my theme park visits next year! I've never been before so this new roller coaster is going to make the visit even more great!


Carowinds is a great little park that is getting bigger and bigger .


I don't understand why people have an issue with "Fury" as a name. I think it is a great name, and says a heck of a lot more about the ride than the word "Centurion" (which I did not dislike at all.) "Fury" speaks about an emotion and a state of mind, while "Centurion" speaks about a soldier to me.


Oh well - to each their own.

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¥et another Cedar Fair coaster where practically every detail is released a few days before.


Well I guess the announcement will be interesting just to see how they pull off a themed plaza/area for Fury 325 since that's the only information that hasn't been leaked.


I know right? Makes me wonder if it is a method to get people buzzing and create more interest.


Maverick was leaked early, Banshee blueprints were leaked early and now Carowinds. They are not doing a good job keeping the information in trusted hands!

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That logo was leaked the EXACT same way Wonder Mountain's Guardian was leaked. I was looking at Carowinds CSS page every morning, I just forgot to do so this morning!




body.honeycomb{ background: #000000 url(/images/structure/bg-body-honeycomb.jpg) no-repeat top center; }

body.swarm-microsite{ background: #000000 url(/images/structure/bg-body-swarm.jpg) no-repeat top center; }


The second picture (which was likely the logo) is no longer active (Carowinds obviously took it down). The first picture is the background of the logo picture that has already posted pretty much confirming that the name of the coaster will be Fury 325.


EDIT: Could Swarm be the real name?



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