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Am I the first one to notice that Big Mike looks the same in each and every picture...


I was just going to say, it looks like a big cardboard cut-out of Big Mike with everybody taking a picture with it.


I only got to meet Big Mike for a brief moment on Sunday, but I can see why everybody digs him. Totally down to earth and friendly. One of a kind, most definately.


Oh yeah, #119 in the house.

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Mike, I love the new ways you continue to find in order to boost the stats on the thread.


The roll call is pretty cool to match up faces with names, but it'd be much easier if everyone could copy, and then re-post their pic with Big Mike when checking in here. Going back and forth trying to match up numbers is pretty time consuming.


Anyway, glad everyone enjoyed the bash!


EDIT: And meeting the big man, himself.

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Wow Big Mike, you definitely have that smile down! Looks like you had a blast at WCB and met a TON of new friends. I'll have to catch you when you come around the midwest.


In case you missed it, James (Team Thriller) and I are planning the sudden death round of the find the ducky contest for THIS friday at 4:00pm central, 5:00pm eastern, and 11:00pm german.

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#76 is me Supershawn. Real name Shawn.


And Big mike treated me awesome. I was lucky enough to ride Big Mike's (and also my) Fav. Coaster X2 in the front row with him! And also help him escape the confusing park to get back to his car.


It was a pleasure talking with you Big Mike, do let me know when you are going to visit the northwest and I'll do my best to make some good suggestions of things to do and see.

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That's me, #25, with Big Mike. (I'm the older one, by the way.)


It was great to meet you, Mike, and participate in your contest. I got a king of spades, which earned me a nice UPS travel mug later on during the Q&A session.


Thank you for helping to make West Coast Bash so much fun!



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I am number 93. My real name is William (so, yes, when everyone kept calling "William," I started to get oh so very confused.


And my username is Rollerman87!


Also, my friend Heather is number 88. She was actually my guest



I kept running into #71 and #94 (him at Knott's too ), but kept forgetting to get their names, so I'm so glad Big Mike did this

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#54 derwood


You know who I am.



What a scary face...I'll be glad when the left side will move again.



I won nothing.


I look like I am playing pocket pool in the background of all the other photos.


Big Mike Rocks!

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You may not know me, I post a bit here and there...I am number #169 and even though you were out of cards by the time I got to you, I was still thrilled to get my Big Mike Photo!


Oh, my name is Elissa and I post as SharkTums!

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This made me happy. And Big Mike was the only person to ask to have his photo taken with the world-traveling Ice Bat. Clearly he needs a better PR firm to represent him...




I think I asked to have a picture taken with Ice Bat...he was my left face stand in.




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Hi ya Mike,

My name is James Lehmann, screen name 'JimBeach' and I was picture 115. I won the '$25 Voucher towards an upcoming TPR event/trip'. I also met and hung out the entire event with the lady in picture 111. You were so down to earth cool and friendly. A GREAT day!

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