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I have 4 words for the Vegas strip....


High Heels


Short Skirts!



Peace, Big Mike


** Epic 1st post alert **

Pictures Please.



Seriously, This thread is AWESOME. Long time lurker. I decided to put my first post in this thread. VERY NICE WORK !! Thank you

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I love when people make their first post in my thread, shows that I am doing a good job!!!



James and Patrick, I totally ditzed out on the times!!


I added 3 hours instead of subtracting 3 hours, so I missed the final round!


Too many coasters at WCB I think. Lol



Please get back to me with a rescheduled time!!



FYI - Those rides on top of the Stratosphere are insane!!



Peace, Big Mike

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Hey Big Mike!! Sorry you and packfanlv missed out on the Miner Mike credit. I'm sure if I was there, there would have been no problem getting on the ride. I'll be in Vegas on Monday, too bad I'll miss out on meeting you. Maybe I'll see you when the BMRS hits the midwest.


Take care and safe travels!!

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I love coasters, but the rides at the Stratosphere are INSANE!!! I would never be able to convince my parents let alone myself.


As for the contest, no worries. We already have it figured out. While you were gone, we also figured out we messed up with our time zones as well. The final round will happen on wednesday April 1st at 4:00 central, 5:00 eastern, and 10:00 germany. Can't wait!

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Hey Friends!!


Big Mike is safely on his plane heading back to Big Mike World Headquarters!!


Thanks to Everyone for making this a fantastic week!!!



Hope to see everyone again soon!



Peace, Big Mike

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Hey Big Mike;

sound like you and Shawn has a good time in Vegas. Looking forward to those pics. I'm John aka Dws_57 pic 51. Really nice meeting you. Looking forward to another year of big mike pics and trips. Hope to see you again sometime.


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Wow alot happened on the road show this week took me awhile to catch up. Seeing all the new friends people made at WCB made me feel sad for living on the other end of the country(but happy for everyone that went!).


Glad to see you had fun in Las Vegas, I hope to get there one of these days(I say that about every place don't I). The coasters there look insane!


I'm sooooooooooooo excited about opening day at Six Flags Great Adventure this coming Saturday only 6 more days after today! Hope you are able to make it I still am kicking myself for not getting to ride a coaster with you when me met there last year. I hope I get to ride a coaster with Big Mike this year!

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Hello Fantastic Friends!!!


Big Mike is safe and sound here once again at Big Mike World Headquarters!!



Thanks one last time to everyone for making my trip to the West Coast so enjoyable!



Since there have been about a dozen trip reports on WCB already, I wont have any construction pictures or coaster pictures, just some behind the scenes shots to help you better enjoy Big Mike's WCB Weekend!



This report will also have your first chance to play the Mikestery Treasure Hunt Game, which is probably the hardest of the 4 Big Mike quests to achieve in order to win a free ONE WEEKS CONDO STAY!!



We will also find out who is the first person of the year to check off California on The Official Big Mike Road Show 2009 T-Shirt!



Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike


Concluding the day in grand fashion and historic tradition, Josh (Crazy4Coasters) checks off California on The Official Big Mike Road Show 2009 T-Shirt!!!



I hope you enjoyed!



Peace, Big Mike


Final Clue - THERE IT IS!!!


The 1st Mikestery Treasure Hunt Game of 2009 HAS NOW BEGUN!!!


Good Luck!


4th clue - I bet a Mikestery card would fit pretty good into that opening.


3rd clue - Now we have zeroed in on where it is.


2nd clue - This should narrow it down better.


1st clue - The Mikestery is hidden somewhere in this picture at Six Flags Magic Mountain!


OK, Friends! Here is what you are looking for in The Mikestery Treasure Hunt Game!


This is one of the quests to complete to be crowned Big Mike Most Valuable Reader of the Year 2009 and win a one weeks condo stay!!!


Be the first to go find it and then post when you have it in your possession so we save other Valuable Big Mike Readers the time of going to look for it for nothing!


Big Mike took up 2 FULL benches with all his prizes!


Exclusive shot of the future webmasters and heads of Theme Park Review and Ride World!


Big Mike, still really impressed on how super hot Elissa looked yesterday, couldn't wait to get his hands on her hotness!


Big Mike really enjoyed taking pictures with everyone and handing out entry cards to the Big Mike Kick-Off Contest! Even Mr. Six entered and got a card.


Big Mike admits that even though Robb said to spread out during ERT, Big Mike planted his ass at X2!


The Retarded Yellow Hat Club makes a rare encore appearance at WCB!


The wristband group seemed to enjoy thier job very much!


There was lots of commosion that Big Mike was in attendance, but even more importantly and I think grossly overlooked, ICEBAT WAS IN ATTENDANCE TOO!!! Big Mike bows down to IceBats greatness!


Here we are waiting for the crowd to be let in and the fun to start!


Big Mike Editor Note- It was raining, that is not Big Mike sweating from all the hard set up work he did :)


My day started at 5:30am helping set up the registration tables and such!


West Coast Bash 2009!


The night concluded with a TPR Trivia game with some cool prizes!


Big Mike Editor Note - The yellow gift bag on the shelf was from Big Mike, too bad no one got to see the super cool gifts inside :)


Big Mike had always heard of Robb's Hot Wings, and I had to watch the master chef in action.


We got treated to a TPR New Release DVD at the condo theater, which was extremely comfortable!


The Alveys sure know how to throw a party, from Pizza, Chips, cake and drink at the birthday party, to Chinese, hot wings, drinks, and lots of desserts at the condo!





Old or new friends, Big Mike just likes ALL friends! Here are some of them:


Big Mike met some brand new friends too!


Big Mike meets old friends that he has not seen since the inaugural TPR trip in 2006!


The scene now switches to The West Coast Bash Pre Bash Party at Robb and Elissa's Condo Club House!


A fantastic time was had by all!


Everyone at the party got to sign this adorable poster for her birthday.


Robb was sitting in the King's chair, yet I don't think he quite had his role down yet.


Kristen blowing out the candles and making a wish for more ERT time on the Super Slide lol.


Everyone sings happy birthday to Kristen!


Big Mike Editor Note - Big Mike thinks Elissa looks super HOT in this picture!


The Birthday Cake!


I checked out one of the other play areas and found JimmyBo looking all sexy waiting for birthday cake.


Time after time after time, her smile never left her face! :)


It was not long before Kristen figured out what her favorite thing to do was lol.


JimmyBo too!


While Kristen was occupied elsewhere, the adults let thier inner kid out, like Wes is doing here.


Joey gave her some rides on this merry go round type ride!


Dan showed her how to play air hockey!


Those feelings disappeared quick as soon as she got to ride the super slide. Look at that smile riding with Hector!


Kristen seemed overwhelmed that everyone was here for her.


The hostess gathered us all together to tell us the rules and give some extra attention to KidTums.


Speaking of JimmyBo, here he is now!


More impressive though, Kristen displays her masterful spelling abilities, here spelling out TPR and JimmyBo!


We were put in a waiting area to start, where Elissa's Dad entertained and impressed us!


The big favorite, the super slide!


Here is the second.


Our area consisted of 3 play attractions, here is one of them.


Kristen's 2nd Birthday Party was held at Scooter's Jungle, a play place which allows adults to play too!

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Hey Big Mike! Glad to see you had a great time at WCB, in Vegas, and everywhere else you went. And it's cool to see all the people who had their picture taken with you.


I'm enjoying keeping up with your adventures in real time now. It's much more fun than reading last years posts. Although, that was actually a lot of fun too!


I'm looking forward to your future updates. Thanks for all the work you put into keeping your valuable readers informed!

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MARCH 29, 2008



Exactly one year ago today, Big Mike had the great honor of meeting 4 brand new friends named Rick, Gyendolynne, Scott, and Shannon, along with his good buddy Rich at Six Flags over Georgia for Spring Fling!


It was an awesome day of fun and the start of some great friendships!


It was also Big Mike's first interview with The Big Mike Road Show!


Hope you enjoyed!


Peace, Big Mike




Shannon (Scott's wife), Big Mike, and Gyendolynne (Rick's wife).


Rich (sfne2005), Rick (coaster palooza), Scott (Beemer Boy) and Big Mike.

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