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  1. Hey I cut my foot open on that trip, at Holiday World, after a trip to first aid Elissa asked me if I used the band aid that they handed out. I used that one the next day as my foot opened up again in the morning. Seems like I'm echoing here, but what's the point of having a business if you aren't having some fun. Seriously Robb and Elissa run a very excellent events and tours, I've done a few tours and many events (WCB). They set rules and enforce them equally without bias or favoritism. (trust me on this, I missed a bus on a tour). I have seen them sacrifice time to make sure things are going well. Spending time with park management to make sure our ERT went well, Lunch was set, Spending time shooting video and pictures, for our trip videos. They really do so much behind the scenes to make sure it goes well. These are just a few things I've noticed, after the trips were going. Plus all the pre-planning. But sometimes every coaster for ERT just breaks down And the hotel has no power, Crap happens but it's how they deal with it that is so Impressive. I know I didn't see it all as I was off having fun. I look back at those trips and there are some great memories there, well worth it. Sad to see a few have destroyed something so good. On the lighter side After all some times "it's all about Brian" that really was a great Trip. Dws_57
  2. The gas station was used, in the new Katy Perry video chained to the rhythm. So we will always have a strange video of it. Nice report lots of cement and conduit nice construction, Looking forward to this when it opens. I like the ride path looks pretty random Dws.
  3. 84 of 126 #27 of 452 top 6% missing a lot in the south and all of Iowa. This doesn't count SBNO and defunct though. DWS
  4. Yes I read them gives me a chance to catch up on what I've missed. as I don't have much time online lately I can pick and choose what is of interest to me. DWS
  5. Hey Robb thanks for the video. Always appreciate the Club bonuses. Dws
  6. I was also born in 1963 only three coasters opened that year. according to RCDB and none of these are operating Meteor Freedom land usa Bronx NY Moved to Sportland pier in 66 closed in 67 Wild Mouse Lehi Utah Closed in 1966 and Finally Starliner Miracle strip amusement park closed in 2008 so I haven't ridden any of these So much for that. Dws
  7. I'm not one for cross posting videos but you and your YOLO tees are trending now on yahoos now trending blog, even puts TPR as the source. Nice vid good job. Looking forward to getting down there for Bash. article and vid. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/trending-now/video-roller-coaster-lets-experience-ride-182115297.html#more-id Dws.
  8. ^Hi John, nice meeting you. Great event had a blast, definatley a great weekend just got home. ERT was great, Knotts made the best of things for us too. Q&A were both very enjoyable, and fun. Thanks again Robb and Elissa! Dws.
  9. I was shellacking a deceased equine, then realizied I was beating a dead horse. Dws_57
  10. Nice trip report Dave and Ice Bat. Good to see Ice bat enjoying National cheese day 1/20/2012 with a cheese steak, I need to go to the Country of cheese. Thanks Dave looking forward to the next update. Dws
  11. Photos Part 2 Free wheels for everyone! Opps Free wheels for everyone. Even the Firefall first ride reunion people I've see this some where before If you have email Dan do it now. Not so hidden mouse, not Mickey, Ok I'm tired Group shot in front of Flight deck. Well that's what it is. Backstage tour Signature shot Sky Screamer Trio um... smile guys. Just before night ERT on the Grizzly we all fit on one train.
  12. Well due to some unforseen circumstances I was only able to do CGA. Also my camera had dead batteries for the morning But got some before the tour. Had a Great day lots of fun. met some new people and got to see a few I haven't seen in a while. thanks to Robb and Elissa for putting this together Thanks to Bob for checking everyone in also. And for all the grizzly fans It's running 30 seconds faster full course the new tracking from last year and this year really is making a difference. Ert was Great on both Flight Deck and Grizzly got many rides without having to change trains at all. Without further wait the Pics. Dws morning check in at the gate Time for BBQ chicken, Beans, Pasta salad and Ice cream The Tour Begins Vortex lift hill for the Vortex lift hill enthusiast New for backstage 2011 Gaffers tape vending machine.
  13. Yeah; I was able to at least free up sunday to go to CGA. Just signed up. At least I'll get in one event this year. Dws
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