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Big Mike again thanks for being the great guy you are. It was great being with you at WCB and I'm counting down the days until the we meet again. By the way Shawn you did a good job with the pic. The sun did not want to cooperate but you did your best... I think It was sweet getting lucky twice by winning a Big Mike prize and by signing off your shirt for your stay in CA. By the way, it's great knowing I have a friend that's almost twice my height just in case any trouble that brews up Keep doing what you do and don't ever change for anyone buddy. Peace out bro!!!

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MARCH 28, 2008



I was sooooooo jet lagged yesterday, I forgot to post the original version of On This Date in Big Mike Road Show History



Lets make believe it is yesterday



On this day one year ago, Big Mike met up with his first Valuable Big Mike Reader of 2008 for a full day of coasters!


Rich (sfne2005) and I visited 4 parks in one day.


One year ago also was the debut of The Official Big Mike Road Show T-Shirt to Theme Park Review!!!


Concluding the day at Dollywood!


This picture started mass posts for its mistakes.


The Big Mike Road Show Shirt is born.


Rich (sfne2005) and Big Mike.

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MARCH 29, 2008



Exactly one year ago today, Big Mike had the great honor of meeting 4 brand new friends named Rick, Gyendolynne, Scott, and Shannon, along with his good buddy Rich at Six Flags over Georgia for Spring Fling!


It was an awesome day of fun and the start of some great friendships!


Ahh, good times. Being the first to check off the historic shirt...c'mon, that's priceless!


Wow, has it really been a whole year? Long live the road show!

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Does anybody else find it interesting that Big Mike *always* stands on the left? ...just sayin...


Big Mike, is there a reason for this?





Hey Chris!


Good observation and question!



One would think that Big Mike, like other models and stars has a "good side", thus only has pictures from that angle.


I am here to confirm that Big Mike has TWO good sides and looks sexy from both angles, at least that is what all the hot babes tell me.



Big Mike is right handed and would figure to take pictures with his strong hand, yet it is the opposite as everyone can see.


I think I use my strong hand for tight hugs while taking the pictures instead!



The only time the right handed hug rule gets over ridden is when Big Mike takes a hot babe to the movies.


Then, Big Mike sits on the right and uses the left arm for the arm to put around the girl, thus leaving the strong hand free and available for exploring!!



BIG MIKE EDITOR NOTE - Any hot babes that want to go to the movies with Big Mike, PM me now for availibility!!



Actually, it is a very simple answer to your question, but I have a lot of free time at work to pass....


The camera's button to take the picture and the grip handle are both on the right side of the camera, so when my photographer or video man is not around, I turn the camera around and can only take pictures with the left hand!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - Hot babes, what movie do you want to see???

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Big Mike,


Lovin' the "Today in Big Mike History" updates! Very "retro".


Looks like I'll have to forgo meeting up with you in Michigan and instead have to find a way to hang out with you when you make the trip to Florida, I was accepted today into the college program and will be working Attractions. Hope to see you down there sometime this fall, big guy!


Keep charmin' the ladies, you'll get somewhere with it eventually.



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HI Big Mike!


We've been readers for a while, but this is our VERY FIRST post on TPR!!!!


We found this hanging around near Scream at Magic Mountain today......


Anyone seen one of these before????


Corey and Danielle (The Bebes) with the FIRST Mikestery Hunt Logo Card


The PROOF, front and back. (This photo has been manipulated to display both sides at ONE time. ZOINKS!)

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We have a WINNER!!!!!


Corey and Danielle have found the very first Mikestery Treasure Hunt Game Piece of 2009!!!





This means that "The Bebes" have the hardest quest out of the way and are 25% of the way to qualifying to become The Big Mike Road Show Reader of the Year 2009 and win a free one week condo stay!!



Keep reading the trip reports for more chances to complete the Mikestery Treasure Hunt Quest!!



Also of very high importance!!!!!


Another FIRST TIME POSTER right here on The Big Mike Road Show!!!!!!!!!!!!


I LOVE it when that happens


Welcome to the TPR Family Corey and Danielle!!!



I would have to say that with all the big name players around Magic Mountain, this has got to go down as a MAJOR upset with the rookies stealing the prize



Congrats again and thanks very much for playing!!



Peace, Big Mike

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I can't believe it has been a year since we all met. It was a great time at SFOG. I'm looking forward to this year's trek that you are on Mike!


Scott, it has been a while. I wish we had some spare time this year to get out there, but it looks like we won't be able to get there until next year.

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Hello Fantastic Friends!!!!


I have totally updated the West Coast Bash pictures with names and prizes won!!!


We have 83 people tagged, but still need 90 more to go!!


Tell me if there are any mistakes.


Follow the link to make it easier to get to:





Peace, Big Mike


I forgot to mention how much I LOVE this picture! :)

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Big Mike!


A quick question. I already have 50% of the Big Mike Road Show competition (pic 175).


Is there still a chance I could win? I live in SoCal, but The Bebes took the Mikestery Hunt (?) game

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Sure there is a chance to still win my little fan


There are still 4 more Southern California parks to go, all with Mikestery Treasure Hunt Cards!!!


Also, since people play from all over the world, and Big Mike cannot get to every place every year, the head honchos at Big Mike World Headquarters have decided that there will be ONE wildcard entry that also will qualify you!!


Whoever wins the yearly Find the Ducky Contest will get a free pass at meeting Big Mike and finding a Mikestery Game Card! You STILL will have to put up a Big Mike Banner though


So if you don't get a Mikestery card, or have no way of meeting Big Mike in 2009, you can STILL win the Grand Prize only if you are crowned the Find the Ducky Champion!


Your still in it buddy!



Peace, Big Mike

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