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Hey Friends!


Big Mike coming to you LIVE from the Las Vegas strip on his Blackberry!


All week I had free internet, now I get to Vegas and its 15 dollars a day!


I will update everyones pictures when I get home!



I should be at the airport to post the Find the Ducky Championship question!!



Keep telling me who everyone is!!!



I have 4 words for the Vegas strip....


High Heels


Short Skirts!



Peace, Big Mike

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My name is Chris McKenna and I am on the right in picture#15. My Non-posting brother is on the left!


Thank you for not running away screaming when seeing us!


Also, Thank you Big Mike, Robb and SFMM for an amazing event!


Me (Right) and my brother (Left)

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My name is Gabriel Hernandez (SN dino)and I'm in picture #69. My brother Ray is in picture #70, he's an enthusiast but not a TPR member. I didn't win anything, but it was still cool meeting you if only for a short time. Have fun in Vegas, you rock! (as does your little fan)

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Hey Friends!!!


First, a HUGE thanks to Shawn (packfanlv) for spending the whole day with me yesterday hitting every coaster in Las Vegas!!


Now, the BIG question, did Big Mike get that all elusive Miner Mike credit at Adventuredome???



1st step - the ride op was a guy, so I knew right away that The Big Mike Charm was going to be rendered useless!


I asked and of course was told no.



2nd step - need to talk to his supervisor. Supervisor comes over and says no adults are allowed to ride but when asked if he has ever seen an adult ride, he tells me he himself has ridden after the park is closed... I have hope!!



3rd step - time to see the big boss, General Manager. Instead of getting to see him, he tells his secretary to give me the number to the Corporate Public Relations Department, being I am now considered "virtual media" with my Big Mike Road Show!!


4th step - I talk with Corporate and tell them about TBMRS and the Miner Mike being my last coaster in Nevada, and tell them I will come before opening, stay after closing, whatever it took! They told me they would get back to me, and they did!



Now, what was the answer???


Guessing time! Scroll down!



























The reason given was that the county rules are very strict on the height measurement, not such a weight problem!


I said thanks for trying and hung up.


Taking a look at the ride, I do not see where the height should be a factor, being there are no places where you could hit your head anywhere???



This fight is not over.



5th step when I get home - call the county and get an answer on the height reason!




Stratosphere, Buffalo Bill's, and LAX today!!



Does Big Mike have the kahonies to be thrown off the top of the Stratosphere????


We will find out in a half an hour!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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We finally hear from the big guy! Well can't wait for your massive WCB and Las Vegas TR... It should be really good, can't wait! By the way how was the Excalibur buffet food? I remember telling you I enjoyed the food they had over there, hopefully you did too. Well until then, Peace out Big Mike!!!


By the way I rode Desperado in November and it was pretty rough... Good luck not getting thrown out of the train bud!

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By the way how was the Excalibur buffet food? I remember telling you I enjoyed the food they had over there, hopefully you did too.


Lets just say that Big Mike was pretty bloated (not in a good way) yesterday!


Thanks for the shout out Big Mike. I had a great time hanging out with you yesterday. I hope you get your kicks on top of the Stratosphere. Have a safe drive and flight!

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^I have pictures of Big Mike heading into the manager's office and calling public relations on the phone. It really seemed like we were going to get permission, but the park's general manager pretty much blew us off. I actually got my hopes up that I might get that credit! (Yes I am a very sick person!)

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