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  1. Obviously, Disney doesn't care about loose articles because forcing riders to secure items will affect their efficiency and throughput. They're willing to take the chance that nothing bad will happen and try to pump Guests through as fast as possible.
  2. With the DLR having over 800,000 APs, I fully expect the show to be loaded to capacity many times over the course of its run.
  3. Nope! This is a different event than Solace. From what I understand Solace is still happening in April of this year, but I think it's also in conjunction with an annual ACE conference. IMO, Solace is more geared to a "roller coaster event" and West Coast Bash is more of a "theme park event." We are hoping to offer some things that have never been done at Solace before. --Robb What I meant was, hopefully this event will be so awesome that Knotts will no longer have WCS after 2010.
  4. I still think the first drop pullout and raven turn on X2 is WAAAAAYYYY more intense than Tatsu.
  5. This TR has inspired a friend and I to drive out to Arizona and ride the coasters this weekend.
  6. They do, but they are also allowed to make up their own jokes. However, they must be approved.
  7. I finally took a few spins on Terminator today. Despite running and then walking to the ride (F*** that hill), I was still on the first train of the day. By the time I arrived, the ride hadn't completed opening procedures just yet. (Typical SFMM letting their brand new coaster opening late...) I didn't let that bother me too much since I saw ride operators doing the safety rides just a few minutes after we got to the entrance. The ride eventually opened at 10:45. One thing that really annoys me about the queue is the lack of chains at the ends of switchbacks, forcing EVERYONE to walk through every single one, unless of course they cut under the poles... which most people are going to do anyway. I'd like to see the queue modified in the near future to allow it to be changed when demand grows or dies. Walking the ENTIRE queue every single time is very discouraging for quick re-rides. However, I don't mind having to watch the preshows each time. They're barely 2 minutes each, if that. Each preshow is unique and they were better than I expected. They are by no means on par with even Universal but they were better than what the Dark Knight has. I don't like assigned seating but with how small the station is, I don't see it going away. It keeps the line moving and the seats filled. I'd also like to see SFMM build front and back row queues for those who want to request those rows. I was assigned Sector (row) 10 for my first and second rides. It was the same train both times which had broken audio. I've gotta say that my first ride on Terminator was pretty disappointing... I had low expectations for the ride and it didn't even meet those. HOWEVER! My second ride was completely different even though I was in the same row on the same train! By my 2nd trip, the ride had warmed up and was HAULING ASS through the entire course and stayed like that the entire day. I rode a total of 4 times throughout the day. Pros: -We finally have airtime at SFMM. (Besides the camelback on Goliath) -Smooth, relentless ride. -Fast-moving line. -The best theming Six Flags has ever done -Great amount of re-rideability, if you want to brave the queue. Cons: -Assigned seating -Short ride -Effects already not working 4 days after opening (fire off except for 1 of our rides, on-board audio broken in row 10, fog off in the tunnels, etc.) -Lack of queue modifiers (chains)
  8. 1.) X2 2.) Batman The Ride 3.) Superman The Escape 4.) Goliath 5.) The Riddler's Revenge
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