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^ Nope.


Any friend of a TPR member is a friend of mine is my motto.


Everyone can play.


You never know, maybe they will be a TPR member in the future, then they can be put up on the wall at The Big Mike Hotel!



Peace, Big Mike

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Can't wait to see what other goodies you got in store for us buddy! Keep 'em coming...



OK, This round of prizes is dedicated to Josh!!



Here are the 2nd round of prizes for The Big Mike Road Show 2009 Kick-Off Contest at West Coast Bash!!!



Good Luck to everyone who decides to play along!



Peace, Big Mike


Lastly today, I will call this The "S" Shirt! Robb donated this but I have not figured out where it is from. Anyone know?


Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights Mug! (Never used)


Roller Coaster Magazines! (You get both)


Coney Island Fun Pack!


UPS Hat!


Dorney Park 2009 Calendar Wall Poster!


Jiggedy Johnson's Jammin DVD Volume 2!

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Thanks for the shout out Big Mike! As always you never let your public down. By the way I'm hoping to see a bottle of "Big Mike's" charm as one of the items!!! I'll see you in a few days buddy.... "It's gonna be a whole lot of fun when the Big Mike train comes rolling right on!"

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I am still only up to page 123 (I read for about 4 hours last night!), but I am thouroughly enjoying the thread! I am sorry if this is redundant, but without having to scour through literally hundreds of pages, are you hitting up Great Adventure, Coney Island (is it even going to open?), Hersheypark, or any of the Orlando Universal Flex Pass Plus Parks and when? (Or what page is that on?) I am going to all of them this year, and wanted to see if I could possibly catch up with the BMRS! At this rate, I will be reading forever! I think you post faster than I am reading.

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I got a big laugh out of you saying that I am posting faster than you are reading, too funny!


I am totally going to redo page #1 on my thread that will include:


This years schedule


Last years links to all park visits


Who is planning to meet at what parks


Contest rules for 2009


Who guest starred at each visit last year


Big Mike coaster stats


Current park and coaster totals


New logo design


New T-shirt design


2009 contest standings


and more!



Until I update page #1 (probably Friday), here is an answer to the last 2 questions:


Kings Island sometime over Memorial day weekend, not sure which day yet!


Hershey probably not


Orlando in Oct


Coney Island for sure during a weekend sometime


Great adventure for sure on Aug 15, maybe opening day, whenever friends visit.



Peace, Big Mike



PS - MORE prizes announced in a few hours!!!

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OH VERY AWESOME! Well, I am definitely going to try and get to SFGA for 8/15! And Coney Island is a big plus too. Looking forward to getting bruises from the lap bar on the Cyclone with the BMRS! I will try to keep up with the new stuff on top of reading the old stuff now. It's difficult. It's very addicting though! I cannot stop reading every free moment I get!

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Hello Friends!!!


The day is starting to get near, and the excitement is starting to build!!


With the excitement building, so is the quality of the prizes The Big Mike Road Show is going to show you today.


I hope everyone is picking out a few favorites to win this Sunday!!!



I have had 3 requests in the last day for info on how to get your very own Valuable Big Mike Reader Banner!!


To show your support and pleasure of The Big Mike Road Show, please follow these instructions:



Here is how to get you own Big Mike Banner to show your support for good ole Big Mike:


1. Hit profile on top of the screen under FAQ.


2. Then hit profile again, but not the same profile button you hit the last time, this one is midscreen.


3. Then hit signature.


4. Use code robb gave us below.


Once again here is the code to add to your signature:



Just copy and paste the code right into the signature box!


Good luck! Any problems, let Big Mike know!



Here are prizes 15-21!!!



See you Sunday Friends!!



Peace, Big Mike


Universal Studios Hollywood Priority Passes! Two prizes. (Seperate prizes, good for group of 4 to cut the line)


Knott's Haunt 2007 T-Shirt! (Never worn) Size 2X


Six Flags Great Adventure Drink Mug! (This is the only mug that has been used, but cleaned thoroughly)


Cyclone Roller Coaster Hat!


Bullet UPS Insulated Mug!


Rockin Theme Parks DVD!

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You are getting the Holiday World Free Pass that would have been another prize, so you have to settle with that! lol (I don't have an extra anyway!)


Who would have known that a Coney Island sticker would be your favorite prize of them all



Big (spreading the DVD love around for others) Mike

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I have a "coaster" count, and if it is called a powered "coaster", then ka-ching!!!!


I don't count "fair" coasters, so that evens it up!



I cannot pass my mentor, that would just be wrong, so I may come within 1 coaster of you and then retire



Peace, Big Mike



PS - Wait until I hit Japan, China, Korea ect... Ka-Ching Ka-Ching Ka-Ching

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It is now midnight for me, and I am finished with page 200! (Geez this is taking away from my Facebook time... >={ ) Only 55 more pages to go to be 100% caught up with this thread. (I know there are currently 258 pages, but I have read the last few already with anticipation of the 2009 BMRS!)


In any case, just wanted to say I am still enjoying this thing here... somewhat of a phenomenon I'd say! Oh yeah, and I have now included the banner in my signature! (It should be there anyhow)


Keep up the awesome work!!!


edit: My signature is not showing up despite it being correctly entered under my profile. I am trying to figure out what is wrong...there must be more settings!

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Hello Great Friends!!!


Another day closer to the big Kick-Off Party for The Big Mike Road Show 2009!!!


This is Round #4 of the prizes during West Coast Bash Week, getting better every day!!


Tomorrow we conclude the prizes, tell you about The Big Mike Reader of the Year 2009 contest and Grand Prize, then its off to the airport for a trip cross country!!!! Wooo Hoooo!



Here are prizes 22-28!


Stay tuned for tomorrow when Big Mike breaks out the biggies!



Peace, Big Mike


Theme Park Review Zip Up Hoodie! (All shirts and hoodies on this update are new and unused, except this Zip Up Hoodie, which was seen in many various trip reports.)


Cedar Point Coaster Mania Hoodie!


UPS Brown Hoodie!


World's of Fun Prowler T-Shirt!


Theme Park Review T-Shirt!


Schlitterbahn Free Admission and Free 1st Ride on Master Blaster! (Says you need to be an ACE member, but last time I used it no one checked)


Coaster Expedition 11 DVD!

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Hello Fantastic Friends and soon to be Co-West Coast Bashers!!


One hour until Big Mike leaves to the airport for his trip cross country to West Coast Bash!!!!


Can't wait to see everybody!



Before I leave, it is time to announce the final round of prizes for the Big West Coast Bash Big Mike Road Show Kick-Off Contest!!!



Remember, all you need to do to enter the contest and have a chance to win a very cool prize is to find Big Mike during the day, ask Big Mike to take a picture of you and Big Mike together, and you will get a raffle ticket for a chance to win a prize! It's easy, plus you get your picture posted on The Big Mike Road Show 2009!



GREAT NEWS JUST IN!!! With the announcement that 100 more tickets just went on sale for West Coast Bash, that means Big Mike Productions ALSO had to increase the number of prizes



Announcing the prizes are going from 35 prizes to 43 prizes!!!!!







Also, a matter of top most importance:


Just to reiterate, there will be a GRAND PRIZE for the person crowned Big Mike Road Show Most Valuable Reader of the Year 2009!!!


The Grand Prize is the biggest prize that Big Mike World Headquarters has EVER given out!!! The prize will be revealed soon, but....



One of the 4 quests that the Valuable Big Mike Readers will have to complete in order to have a chance at the Grand Prize is to have your picture taken with Big Mike at least ONCE during the year!


WEST COAST BASH is your chance to do it!!!



Enjoy the prizes, pick out your favorites, and go find BIG MIKE!!!!!!!!!!



Peace, Big Mike


The last prize of the Kick-Off Contest is the right to be the Official Checker-offer of California on The Brand New 2009 Official Big Mike Road Show T-Shirt, making it's World Debut at West Coast Bash!!! See everyone at The Bash!! Time to go catch my flight! Peace, Big Mike


A LIMITED EDITION (Only 10 in the world) Official Big Mike Road Show 2008 T-Shirt!!!


A $25 Gift Certificate to a future TPR Trip or Event!!!


A $20 Gift Certificate to the TPR Store!!!


A 5 YEAR Membership to Ride World!!! There are 3 of these prizes, and Chris awesomely donated two of them to The Big Mike Road Show Prize Patrol! THANKS CHRIS!!!


Robb awesomely donated 8 DVD's to the Big Mike Prize Patrol!! THANKS ROBB!! We now have 2 copies of each of the following to give away also:


Roller Coasters in the Raw - Volume 1 and 2!!


Coaster Expedition Volume 8 and 9!!


Coaster Expedition 8 and 9 were selected because both dvd's have Big Mike as a guest star!

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