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  1. So, of the thousands spent on th Tx/Midwest trip toward Ert on Irat and NTAG...where did the cash go?
  2. Thanks for posting, Jason! You are so cute! Can we get some candids of your Hammer?
  3. Lovin' the updates, Sir Bacon! Keep it comin', any pics of host boys?
  4. I'll be checking out the "mountain coaster" at Attitash in norther New Hampshire over the weekend. 4300 feet, not too shabby. Nick, come with me.
  5. Gahhhhhhhh! An official Joey sighting! THAT just MADE my year. Thanks to whoever snapped the pic.
  6. I was at SFNE on Sunday and report that the haunt at Houdini was shut down. Whatev. In other news, Bizarro was running without audio ...but parkwide stapling is in effect.
  7. Raise your hand if you didn't bother reading or at least skimming the thread. Commence pointless pontification.
  8. Aww, c'mon Larry...Tillie came from Palace Amusements at Asbury Park, NJ. That aside, thanks for the great TR. I was really curious to see the shiny new flats they've put in. Lookin' good.
  9. First ovah-the-shouldahs, now trims. I won't go out of my way for this one. I had such high hopes for King's Dominion, this would've been my ONLY reason for returning. If speed is most important, I'll just go back and ride Millenium Force...with THOSE trains. ;D
  10. Gahhh, the northeast SUCKS. Excellent TR nonetheless! I NEED to ride Predator and the other Superman. Jason, with all your bad weather experiences...I'm surprised you haven't given up on us. (This TR reminds me of the time Jay drove up from Jersey just to ADMIRE S:RoS while riding Catwoman's Whip. Hahah!)
  11. ^^"Colossos" at Magic Mountain? Seriously? Boy, you need a roadtrip to Knoebel's.
  12. I'm loving all the SFNE fanboys!!! Nice to see our region represent! I'd like to take all of you out to ride Kawasemi...so you could be as conflicted as I am. That megalite packs an airtime punch that Supe is lacking. (Though...I think I still prefer S:RoS for its epic size, speed and varied elements.)
  13. I am the hamster guru: Tweety and Anne are Chinese.
  14. B*tch had it comin'. OK, just kidding. I would chalk this up to mere over-reaction. If I were her I would've shrugged it off and spit in his face, nothing more...if I had boobs.
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