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  1. I'm not the only one who never goes barefoot right? Only while sleeping?
  2. Always loved "Nothing In The dark" with Robert Redford. Very sweet anti-climactic ending. Less of a twist & more of a realization. "16mm Shrine" is also very good, always seemed underrated to me. Then of course there are the classics like "The Masks" & "To Serve Man". To be honest though I pretty much think of all of them as classics haha.
  3. Never been into sports at all. The Olympics however is the one time I really get into them. The opening ceremonies were neat, but nothing too spectacular. Seems weird how they have the flame in the middle of the stadium though. Been watching whatevers being shown on the various NBC channels. Plus been watching online too. Love seeing the backstories for the various athletes, everyone's got a story. Enjoy all the sports but particularly gymnastics & track & field. Also looking forward to the Paralympic games. Those are always pretty cool too.
  4. The claps at the end make me laugh
  5. Watched The Thomas Crown Affair yesterday. Really enjoyed it. Pierce Brosnan was great as a smug, full of himself millionaire. The banter between his character & Rene Russos' was fun & clever, even if her acting was rather...ehh.
  6. Dancing Queen by Abba. Just makes me wanna dance (I don't though).
  7. Read The Hunger Games which I really enjoyed. Had no idea what it was about. Just waiting for my friend to finish it so we can watch it, if we can find a theater still playing it that is. Just finished reading All The Pretty Horses which has gotta be one of the best books I've ever read. Highly recommended. Now I just started The Crossing which is the sequel.
  8. Just finished reading then watching "Matchstick Men" & "The Boy In The Striped Pajamas". Both of them very good. In the queue for "Hunger Games" from the library at the moment. Currently 80th in line after requesting it a month ago when I started out at number 857. My friends offered to buy it for me since I told them none of them could watch it till I read it. I told them no though cause, I'm just stubborn like that. Till then I'm going to read "All The Pretty Horses".
  9. 3:00am laying in bed staring at the ceiling unable to sleep. Yep, it must be the night before West Coast Bash.
  10. Am I the only one playing skylanders? I guess it's targeted to a younger demographic, but it's just so much fun. Plus the way the action figures work with it make it really cool. Kind of a gimmick I guess, but it worked for Pokemon. Just makes you want to collect them all.
  11. So cool! It's always awesome when friends perform random acts like this that make you realize just how cool they are, & also question their sanity.
  12. Anytime a friend says anything like,"I just flew back from vacation". My reaction is always,"Wow, your arms must be tired". Highly lame I know, but it just makes me laugh so sooo much .
  13. Went with my brother to pick up Mortal Kombat a little earlier. Umm awesome! Exactly what it should be. Shang Tsung even does an homage to MK vs DC with his fatality. It seems like the characters get more personality with their fighting styles, plus I love the tag-team style gameplay. *thumbs up*
  14. Pokemon black. Wasn't going to get it, but my friend bought it for me. I've already lost too many hours to it. I'm not the only one right?
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