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  1. Help a friend's cat raise cancer awareness by voting for Grayson. Just a click and the voting will take you 5 seconds. Vote for Grayson...how can you refuse a cat whose tongue sticks out most of the time? www.catsvscancer.org/2018/03/march-meowdness-elite-8-toulouse-vs-grayson/
  2. Gatekeeper was brutal when we rode it. I rode at the end of that season and they had improved or at least allowed me to breathe while waiting for the train in front of us to unload. d
  3. Another awesome day. Loved the go carts and the fat train rides. When do we go again?
  4. That was a great day! Nice set of pictures and reporting. Maybe I'll go through my pictures one of these days...oh hell who am I kidding I still haven't posted pictures from the 06 UK trip. Keep going! Daron
  5. More TRs should have Chuck. Awesome as always and can't wait for the rest.
  6. I want to see the video commentary from Balder as Thad described all of the technical components and specs of Balder. Daron
  7. I think that Miner Mike was smaller than Teeny Weeny. And we should definitely tell Cameron about those crazy Pin2Ks! Great report! Daron
  8. And then getting to ride twice because the Op couldn't stop the train in the correct spot. Tusenfryd was a great park but it was definitely being run different from my 2006 visit. Hanno...love the photos! Can't wait to see the rest. daron
  9. I promised a picture awhile back...it only took me a month. Thank you to Mr. Chris for the random gifts! They were awesome! Randomness
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