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  1. They have background music that plays through their normal park speakers, which is themed to each area. It is set to the perfect volume to be "full and present", where we are still able to hear the performers talk to us along the route.
  2. On Sunday, November 22, Theme Park Review was invited to experience the Knott's Taste of Merry Farm event, the next in a wonderfully endless string of events at Knott’s Berry Farm! The tasting card has raised $5 in price compared from the last event to now be $40 for adults with 5 food tastings. Junior tasting cards remain at $20 for 3 food tastings. The value of this additional bump can be seen in the plentiful park decorations, and wonderfully creative entertainment spread throughout the entire park! A few tips if you are going to attend the event: -We recommend arrivin
  3. On Saturday 11/21, Theme Park Review was invited to see the Six Flags Magic Mountain Holiday in the Park Drive-thru Experience. It’s rare for park patrons to get to drive through a theme park, so this was such a treat! We arrived at 5:30pm, before the normal first reservation time of 6:00pm, and were directed through the Toll Plaza, through the Guest Parking Lot, and we queued in the Employee Lot. Along the way, we encountered many employees who were waiving, and joyfully greeting each car. Clearly, the SFMM team is thrilled to have patrons back at their park in any fashion. Our journey b
  4. On Saturday 9/26/20, Theme Park Review was invited to experience the Knott's Taste of Fall-o-ween event, the next in a wonderfully endless string of events at Knott’s Berry Farm. The event runs Fridays – Sundays until November 1. To experience the event, a tasting card must be purchased in advance at knotts.com, and includes entry into the park. The tasting card has raised $5 in price compared from the last event to now be $35 for adults with 5 food tastings, and Junior tasting cards for patrons ages 3-11 is up $5 from the last event to now be $20 with 3 food tastings, and a trip through
  5. On Sunday 8/23/20, Theme Park Review was invited to experience the Taste of Knott's event at Knott’s Berry Farm. Even with the rides closed, it felt so great to step back into a SoCal theme park again! Knott’s was ready to open their annual Boysenberry Festival back in March, but it of course came to a halt. The Knott’s Marketplace was eventually able to reopen, followed by the reopening of the Calico Ghost Town area of the park with the Taste of Calico special event. Expanding on the success of that outdoor event, Knott’s started celebrating the most popular dishes from around the park on Aug
  6. The Knott's Boysenberry Festival is back for 2020 to celebrate the park's historic roots with their annual food-inspired event that highlights the little berry that started it all! Running from March 20 through April 19, the festival will feature more than 75 new and returning boysenberry-inspirited creations. In addition to the food and drink items, the festival will also feature a variety of entertainment and activities for all to enjoy. The Tasting Card will work a bit more guest-friendly this year with the ability to choose 8 of the 26 following options: 1. Boysenberry Mimosa (New) 2
  7. Totally agree, it was such a fun night! I had totally forgotten about the dead rat!
  8. When my friend and I went to Japan in 2017, he loved the toilets so much that he ordered a bidet attachment kit for his home throne via Amazon while we were still on the trip. It was waiting for him when we got back to the states. A rather common story you hear from travelers to Japan.
  9. I can't decide between Chocolate or Strawberry, so I will just have to try both! How about one on the way into the park, and another one on the way out of the park?
  10. Theme Park Review was invited to the opening day of Knott's Scary Farm 2019, and we were thrilled to return "into the fog"! This year the event highlights include 9 mazes, 4 Scare Zones, The Hanging, and Puppet Up! Uncensored. Two mazes are retiring this year (Special Ops - Infected & Shadowlands), with two others that debuted (Wax Works & Origins - The Curse of Calico). Nine mazes is down from the numbers we have seen in past years, but we believe that the quality of those nine mazes has greatly increased in the scenic quality and possibly the length of several mazes as well
  11. Theme Park Review was invited this past week to experience a brand new and unique addition to the highest-ranked escape room company in Southern California. Cross Roads Escape Games sits a few miles east of the Disneyland Resort and now features three rooms with three completely different experiences. “The Fun House” is a traditional escape room, but is described as self-aware and pokes-fun at itself and other traditional escape rooms. “The Hex Room” is what put Cross Roads Escape Games on the map, having players take on one of six specific characters in the story. In addition, “The Hex Room”
  12. Theme Park Review was invited to attend opening day for Dark Harbor at The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. With six mazes and creepy entertainment on the ship and in the sprawling shipyard, The Queen Mary serves as a fun backdrop for this Haunt Event. Thank you to The Queen Mary Team for having us attend opening day! Welcome to Dark Harbor! The Captain himself welcomes everyone as the event starts. The complex has quite a unique feel compared to the theme park haunt events. It feels like a mix of a traditional haunt and a County or State Fair. Chop-chop! It’s time to report for duty
  13. Halloween Horror Nights 2018 - Opening Day Friday, September 14th marked the start of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood, and Theme Park Review was invited to Opening Night to face our fears! This year’s maze lineup includes: Stranger Things, Poltergeist, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Universal Monsters, Trick ‘r Treat, The First Purge, The Horrors of Blumhouse: Chapter Two, and the year round AMC’s The Walking Dead. In addition, horror fans can experience Terror Tram: Dreadtime Storiez Hosted by Hollywood Harry, five new scare zones, and the Jabbawockeez li
  14. Knott's Scary Farm 2018 Sneak Peak! Theme Park Review was invited to attend an announcement event where all of this year's Knott's Scary Farm haunted attractions were revealed. Be warned as you scroll through the pictures below, as you never know where monsters are lurking! Members of the media along with the most die-hard Haunt fans, filled the Charles M. Schultz Theatre to learn about this year's event. We were treated to a high-energy opening number, complete with a funeral procession. There is only one creature of the undead who would be in that coffin... ...Jeff Tucker! Servi
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