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Tripsdrill Discussion Thread

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Some new pics from http://worldofcoaster.de/index.php/tripsdrill/karacho of the construction area. I like the indoor parts and hope it will get a nice darkride section


Some facts from the report:

The coasters name is "Karacho" and it wil have cars for 8 people with "lap bars"

After the station you directly roll into the heartline roll which will be underground -->hangtime

the you will be the first block breaks and a little drop directly into the launch! after this you will be launched into a 30 meter high tophat and then the rest of the layout is not public yet. But overall it should have 4 inversions. lenght of the track will be 700 metres and you will be launched in 1.6 secounds to 100 km/h. capacity will be ca. 900 people per hour.





source of all pics: http://worldofcoaster.de/index.php/tripsdrill/karacho

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[attachment=3]Top Hat.jpg[/attachment]

JAM JAM Launch!

[attachment=2]Karacho 21042013 007.jpg[/attachment]


[attachment=1]Karacho 21042013 009.jpg[/attachment]



What do you think? Inside or Outside Tophat?



Thanks for Falke and Stifflers Mum fromCoasterfriends.de


Its kinda looks to be a 90 degree top hat.

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