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  1. So is this thing trimmed along the entire length of the track? Those are some interesting bankings and radii.
  2. Wow. You're a complete dick. I'm sure your Chinese is just as good as Yin's English. Cut some slack to a guy who doesn't speak English as his first language. Oh, and also, leave the moderating to the moderators. I and @gerstlaueringvar know each other from the same Chinese coaster community. I only talked about that because I didn't want anyone else later to get annoyed over the misspelling, and I felt like doing that as someone familiar with him. I apologize for having brought this thread off topic not thinking of the forum rules, and let us get over it and back to topic. 0 0 Just delete the related posts later if you still think they ruined the atmosphere of this thread.
  3. WOLRD'S FIRST ELEMENT unheartlined barrel roll. Oh yea, this is not Alton.
  4. All the existing 4d coasters are technically inverted wing coasters throughout the most part of their course. and on those things, the supports on each upward curving section almost combine into a tunnel.
  5. I doubt their roughness has anything to do with the realization of the track shape though. Think about Colossus. I haven't ridden any boomerangs with new trains but they seem to get a more positive (by vekoma standard) review. Also I've heard that Cylon:BSG is not that good at all, but again I haven't ridden it. Still. since hypers don't have OSTR, they shouldn't be as bad. The S&S hyper launchers in China (I've ridden only Extreme Rusher at HVBeijing) have just as many awkward transitions as an average Arrow, but at least they can't headbang you.
  6. Isn't it only because Intamin track does not have a rigid looking spine..
  7. Is the train a single car or does it consist of 2 cars like a Smiler train of half length?
  8. A general question regarding these iron rmc coasters: There seems to be nails on the rim of the rails, both above and below. Don´t they affect the smoothness of the rideÞ
  9. Most likely though, SFMM ops will guarantee that there will be more than enough time to climb over the fence & get back between any 2 train dispatches.
  10. The straight section after the overbank is herpity derp as expected. Still should have gotten a steeper pull in to a horizontal roll.
  11. Possible, as long as it's not Vekoma, or it will be too painful to be considered euthanasia. A Zacspin car on Smiler's track?
  12. Apparently these are the trains for the new 10 looper being built in Locajoy (Chongqing safari park, China) Is it me or are those skyrush lapbars? from a Chinese forum http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2300578926
  13. The final turn into the brakes looks really forceful
  14. "Flying Wing Coaster". I'm astonished that the world has not yet recognized your genius. The 4D coasters basically do the same from the botton of the first drop until the exit of the raven turn.
  15. There are still too many possibilities. We've yet to see even a giga flying wing coaster.
  16. I always wish they were trolling us with the video and would add more elements after the top hat... But Krake is still short, only longer than Oblivion.
  17. So the trim is only on the downward section of the hill?
  18. ^Is that a barrel roll or a corkscrew in the last picture? It reminds me of the roll on Zoosafari's eurofighter, from that angle.
  19. Am I the last one to notice that they do still use single-spined track.....
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