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Tripsdrill Discussion Thread

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Wow is it me or is the ride incredibly quiet for a euro fighter. I don't think any of the euro fighters I have been on have been anywhere near as quiet as this.



When I was at Thorpe Park I noticed that Saw the Ride was dead silent during testing. I think it's mainly the newer Eurofighters, as Speed No Limits at Oakwood has a very loud roar.

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Easily the sexiest Eurofighter trains I've ever seen, that lighting is just...wow!

Bonus points for lap bars and no headbanging, and the layout looks really fun. The rest of Tripsdrill looks very nice, and is definitely a park on my bucket list, hoping to visit sometime in the coming years!

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To me it looks like Karacho can actually put up a decent fight against Blue Fire, assuming it's not to rough, which I doubt it will be as most new Gerstlauer's don't have a problem with roughness, and this one has brad new developed and improved trains with the biggest wheels Gerstlauer have ever done on a ride.


The length and the pacing seems to be about the same on both coasters.

Really can't wait to try this one out!

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Yep...the MCBRs effect looks a little annoying. Could it be that tripsdrill decided to slow the train down because otherwise it would habe been too intense ? Otherwise I don`t see a sense in slowing it down there...it not THAT fast when entering that brake !


BUT the first half looks brilliant IMHO

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^I really didn't like it.


It rode pretty awkwardly to be honest. Not rough or painful by any means, just more weird and uncomfortable. It seems to me like Gerstlaur still hasn't perfected their heart lining or something like that.


Idk, just my thoughts. It probably didn't improve my opinion of the ride to see the park only running 2 of their 4 trains within two weeks of opening...

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