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Tripsdrill Discussion Thread

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As tripsdrill seems to be a littlebit unshure where to put the minimum height requirement for the little ones...here`s actually a photo of the first testruns.


Here`s a very little one right before launching...the expression in the eyes says it all


(Source : Coasterfriends)

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I feel sorry for the people who are nervous on getting on the ride. Instead of people saying kids have ridden the ride, they can now say a baby has ridden the ride. Those trains look amazing. I love how they made the whole theming on the train and the mechanical sections on the train, all look like one. Though I don't know the story of the ride, I love the theming on the train.

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The train totally stopped in the MCBR. Looking at the whole layout this thing will probably be much faster during the second half of the layout later...


Exactly. I assume the MCBR is also a holding brake, so they could just be testing to make sure the ride can make it back to the station in case of a full-stop on the Mid-course brake.


So many great looking coasters opening up in Europe this summer!

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The ride looks awsome (and like someone mentioned earlier "cute" aka perfect for this park), but the last video almost gave me a seizure, what's up with all the black screens ?!?! There was more of that compared to actual footage of the ride. I am all for being creative, but if you only have 30 seconds of material, there is no need to stretch it out to 2.15 minutes

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^ It's true that Tripsdrill won't be able to finish theming by the end of the year, but be prepared to get an AWESOME theming. Tripsdrill is a well themed park. I'm pretty sure it will design something unique!

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