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Most thrilling drop?

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Two words:


SCAD Tower.


I've never feared for my life as I had on that ride. I got off shaking, sat down, and cried.


200 feet in the air, pure 150ft freefall into a cargo net... no cord or anything attached to you.


Thank you Midwest Trip.


There's a scare I need to get!

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Now don't laugh cause i haven't got a lot to chose from and cant just knock of of of the beasts from the US or the like. But anyway its the Revolution at Pleasure Beach Blackpool. A coaster thats old and are/were many all over the place. Its the backwards airtime, and the fact its pushed. Unless your to boffined up on its dimensions, layout and timing you don't know when it is in daylight, Not very hard but theres still a bit of force to it that isn't its own momentum.


On a side note i think the supports are ace.


I guess theres oblivion but thats probably shorter than this....


The arrow marks the spot. Main image is from www.rcdb.com. logo for different ride with same name covering the XXX bits from TPR! All Hail Google and Paint.

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I am surprised that no one has thrown this one into the mix. But the Tower of Terror at Disney MGM always kicks my stomack into high gear. Just the fact that you never know when it is going to drop or how many times and the fact that sometimes you don't know whether you are going up or down at times coupled with the times that you can't see where you are and then change directions when you finally orient where you are in the tower. It pretty much kicks any standard free tower's butt
Gonna have to agree. I see a lot of people mentioning X, which is my favorite, but its just sheer excitement and doesn't really get my stomach. I LOVE that first drop when you're face down and then do the front flip


ToT gets it several times in one ride since for the most part its enclosed and you can't see when you're going to drop.

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It isn't for the airtime in the drop, but i have to say the scariest drop I have been on is Abismo. That flip is just insane.


I would not recommend, however, leaving any room in your restraint for some extra airtime. That made the flip all the scarrier.


Jonny -yes i really am that dumb- Az

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The front of Millennium Force definitely gives me that "butterflies in the stomach" feeling. In the back, you get far more dramatic airtime, but it's the front that gives that wonderful freefall feeling.

Also, Eejanaika really surprised me, and I had already ridden X. I was in the middle, and the airtime on the first forward rotation was surprising and prolonged. I don't remember that sensation on X.

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I think Giant Drop at Dreamworld, Gold Coast Australia




Tower Of Terror at the same park.


But i havent really been anywhere else so I don't have much say but yes, they both have extreme stomach in the throat experiences.

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And the winner is...


The Giant Drop, Dreamworld, Coomera, Queensland Australia.


(Unless someone strongly disagrees!)


Giant Drop is much the same as any of the other intamin towers BUT you have to wait 6 seconds to get your stomach back so I agree it's one of the best !!!


Another one that did it for me was Gravity Max (Vekoma Tilt coaster) Back seat completely on my own ! Was odd and scary being on my own on the whole ride but the free fall face first is wicked and beats any of the dive machines (of which I've done them all) !!!

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