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  1. If you guys have more time to go back to Wisconsin Epcot, go to Germany and get some Spatzle it is by far the greatest thing to eat at Food and Wine!
  2. So Let me just say this thread is about me. I Allison Alvarez am known to not ride certain coasters. It is NOT that I am afraid like all of you think , It is because I know that on some rides I will not have fun(I do not like the drop feeling you get in your stomach. ) For example my brother Chris suckered me onto Deja'vu and while I was on it I cried I hated it so much. Parks are meant for fun and crying is never fun. I do not skip a lot of coasters maybe 1 per park. So its not like I miss out things all day and shouldn't even go on a trip( Ripsyclone you are jealous). The times spent away from parks, on the bus , and even at parks is worth going. A trip is not summed up by one ride. On the Midwest trip I went on a lot more coasters that I wouldn't have ridden in any other circumstance, so I am looking forward to seeing what I can push myself on this year.(it would help a lot if other people didn't try to push me.)Lack of sleep makes me more willing in the morning , so if you really want to help keep me up! I am into THEME PARKS not just coasters. love always ALLISON!
  3. I am a sweeper at the Disneyland Resort. DCA and Downtown Disney specifically. Its not as cool as an attractions person, people give me dirty looks all day, and I clean up vomit.. but people really do appreciate it. Everyone always comments that Disney parks are very clean.It is my first job. I like it really, I get to walk around and talk with people all day. I've been there for a year on July 6th, and I almost didn't make it that far but as long as I go to work every day until next March I will be ok! I mostly work so I can pay for Tpr trips. I am also hoping to transfer from my current position to a Guest Relations position because I like the costume, and because I enjoy angry guests more than cleaning pee off Maliboomer. I have already tried to leave but that didn't workout , I'm too young is what I was told. Anyway I hope to be in any type of better position, not be stuck in the same place for a long time, and to be at DCA to see all the changes that will be made. It is really a fun place to work.
  4. Wow 4 pages for a cup! I had no idea you could use them more than one day. It would be even better if they got cheap cardboard Pepsi cups and gave free soda! Man I miss Holiday World.. Any way, If you are on this site that would mean that you ,or someone you know has enough money to pay an internet bill , and if you can do that you shouldn't be upset by being charged 4 dollars for a soda. Come to Disneyland where you pay 5 dollars for a cup 3/4ths full of ice. I totally agree with getting cheap soda for only that year. Its a cup. and mabe one day you can even sell it on Ebay and get your money back or put it in a ptr like Wes!
  5. Um.. are we done with the earthquake thing yet? I got 4 hours of sleep last night. Woke up at 6 a.m to do a weeks worth of homework, then went to school at 10:30. Thanks sugar free Red Bull!
  6. Yeah those I really didnt want to go on, had too long of lines, or was being forced on so I had to go in excape mode. . Not to explain myself to someone that wasnt even there, but American Eagle was down when I got there, Ragin' Cajun had a 45 minute line, and I have been on Revolution. Is there anything else you can find out about me from my coaster count?
  7. One of my biggest regrets was missing the Voyage credit at Holiday World. Mostly because everyone gave me crap about it all day(thats right Dave!), and expected me to not ride anything the whole trip. I did finally get my first Deja Vu credit on the trip!. I also missed Psyclone, I had plenty of chances to ride it however my lovely brother never wanted to go with me because apparently its a rough ride. Then it was torn down, and now he laughs at me because he made me miss it! Dang First borns!!!
  8. I wont be able to be there on saturday first because January 19th happens to be my 18th birthday!! and second because if anything special is going on in my life I have to work that day haha. I hope all you guys have a lot of fun.
  9. Well I am in High School. I make $8.20 an hour and work 30 hours a week. Although I do not pay bills like everyone else, my money tends to disappear quick. I am paying for the entire east coast trip on my own and all I can say is if you really really want to go you can come up with the money. you have a whole year to save up really. You just have to look for every possible chance to make money. The only way I'm going to make up the second part of the deposit by the time its due is through new hire bonuses so if anyone reading this lives in Orange County call me! Its $500 right now! Maybe you can like burn bootleg DVDs and sell them out of the trunk of your car? or do peoples home work, or steal their lap tops and sell them on Ebay! P.S if any one can tell me how people QUIT THEIR JOBS to go on the trips and still were not homeless when they got back ?that would be fun to find out...
  10. Disney would never close an E ticket Attraction to train new cast members... they either get trained after the park closes or while its open. I think Space mt. would be cool if they turned all the lights off so its completely dark and then flashed white lights ever so often so you could see and then not see.
  11. I hate drops. I should know which one is most intense because.. I HATE THEM SO MUCH. Maverick was not even intense that was a fun one because its short. I rode in the front middle and back. The best "stomach" feeling is by far Ghost Rider in the back seat. I felt it before we were even over the hill.
  12. 2 days ago I thought i had a 4 oclock shift at paradise pier(DCA) sooo I go to the park early to ride a few things before work. I go to the car to get my things and change. While changing I realised I only had one shoe... ONE SHOE!! so I freaked and tryed to find it in the car but it was no where to be found. by this time it was 340 and I had to clock in with both shoes on at 4 or i was gunna be late. Me and my friend then gunned it ( drove really fast and ran over a few people, mostly tourists) to a shoe "outlet" on Harbor blvd. You would think wow outlet? must be cheap... OH NO they charge more there for shoes than footlocker. I should have known anything on Harbor was gunna be schiesty. so i bought a second pair of polishable all black shoes with 5 minutes to get to the Pier entrance and then walk or RUNNNN!!! to the back of Screamin to clock in. We made it and just as i was gunna clock in ( after running like an idiot through back stage infront of the entire High School Musical 2 schools out cast) the computer tells me that MY SHIFT DOSENT START TILL 430... AT HOLLYWOOD!!!! I was so mad . so i get on the stupid cast tram and go to hollywood where i find that no one has been to the area in 2 hours and theres lollipops smashed into the concreat. Himelick came out ever 30 minutes though AND i got to be a responder ( wanna be lead). Also Ive only been working there for 3 months and they already want me to be a trainer !! WOooooo. I guess it kinda made up for my 60 DOLLER pair of new shoes!!! bah!
  13. My aunt passed away a few months ago and going through her things I found awesome park memorabilia. She was the one that first took me and my brother to theme parks in the first place the treasures are.. 1) one complete ticket book that had 2 Es!! still in it. i like that one the most because on the back of the book there are rides checked off that she wanted to do that day. 2)a Walt Disneys Magic Kingdom Club membership. which allowed you to get ticket books and not have to pay for them every day. expiration date Oct.1978 (available sept through may "magic key books- all E tickets). The cool thing about that is any member of your family can use it and you get ticket books for your whole family when you use it. which is very odd compared to now.. 3) one Disneys 30th birthday ticket stating you are the 251,068,635th guest that actually states on the back FREE PARKING 4) another ticket book partial because there are no C tickets for some reason? they liked the cheesy rides I guess 5)a Knotts Berry Farms adventures club card which gives you there knock off Disney wanna-be ticket book. It also can be used by any member of your family all of these things are very special to me because you hear your parents say oh when i was little we had ticket books and blah blah blah but now i actually have 2 of them . they are very cool
  14. Tomi!! i miss vacation more and more looking at all these lol. remember when we had a hallway party at that hotel? and then beat up dave cuz he was trying to fall asleep. Oh and when we went to maxes room because there was suppose to be a movie on but there really wasnt... ok mabey that time wasnt as fun. it was totaly awesome hanging out with you! hopefully Ill see you on another trip sometime in the near future. you should post that roller coaster drawing you started in maxes room that one night if you finished.
  15. Its ok to lip sync but... only if your dancing your butt off, not stumbling around like a tpr tripper on their 3rd day trying to get there sleepy butts on the buss before it leaves britts performance was expected for me though Chris Angels name got thrown in there and i just knew it would go down hill from there. The whole mimycing Elvis's come back idea was cool but you have to be sober to perform at the VMA's... thats just my guess. I grew up an Nsync brittney spears fan and its really unfortunate the down ward spiral she has turned into over the past couple of years. = brittney's career
  16. At a restaurant at Epcot I got a fortune that said " you are NOT illiterate" haha I guess that makes it true! take that haters!
  17. Verrry exciting the florida haunted mansion is by far a different experience than our California one, and I'm glad finally yours can live up to the California standards... maybe now that Florida is taking the last thing that Cali disney has over it, we will get a bigger castle to kind even things out... just kidding. Lets just remeber Floridas Mansion is missing our charming bullethole covering spider and web so HA!
  18. This park needs to lighten up. They are lucky that these 2 guys weren't pissed or wanted there money back or took legal action against them. Lets be honest if the video on you tube wasn't on you tube, the incident still would have happened? so what is the big deal? lots of ride malfunctions are online for the world to see. if you think that a video of restraints being stuck on line will cause loss in revenue. try guests thinking there going to get kicked out of the park for getting stuck on a ride? it seems the park management is trying to make an example of these 2 guys because the whole banned for a year thing is really harsh.IF these 2 guys did in fact damage the ride then I would understand but if it happened twice it dosent seem to be that serious. bottom line Matthew Sassone and Clayton Mercurio come to Disney parks next time . were you wont be able to get a metal object through the gates and all you dreams will come true haha
  19. rides i will never ride again , SUPREME SCREAM i went on that when i was like 7 and most people that know me know that i HATE the drop feeling and i basically had a seisure on it damn you knotts
  20. it is always important to understand the details in each incident. while i am not saying that the girl in this case did anything wrong, it says that the little boy climbed out of his seat, the other girl got out of her restraint and the guy waded into the lake, all of these are not the faulty actions of the park.Its called rider responsibility. People need to not think that just because they are at a park they can do whatever they want and nothing will happen. a ride opporater can only do so much. They cant hold you in your seat or get into your head and tell you to do what your suppose to. theme parks are dangerous places but can easily be enjoyed by everyone if you follow the rules which really isn't that hard. Its really unfortunate that anyone just looking for a day of fun would not make it home and my heart goes out to all of there familys. always Allison
  21. This story begins with my lovely brother. One day he really wanted to find footage of King Kong on the tram ride at Universal Studios. After many failed attempts here at Theme Park Review he landed. Me and Chris both share the love for amusement parks and schiesty people(just kidding about the schiestyness of you guys)he showed me and soon after took me to my first event where we got ert on viper and x and goliath. That was only the second time ever I had been to Sixflags in my entire life. then after a nice teeth freezing ride on viper I saw Robb and Elissa walking on the std sidewalk of Sixflags along with there normal pack of cronies lol it was the best. To people that don't live in california robb and elissa are celebritys. it was a lot of fun !! I love TPR events and you should too!
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