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  1. Here is my opinion, based on Six Flags Over Texas. SF makes or at least should make their profit based on what is sold in the park. Entrance & parking fees should cover the operational expenses, taxes, electricity, corporate salaries, new rides and upkeep, etc. Season passes, discounts to get into the park, it does not matter as long as the money coming in covers the above points, the whole point is to get you into the park. I would keep the multi park use option. I rarely use it other than a couple of visits to SFFT. I do agree that there is an issue with the games. In fact
  2. Oh, and don't forget that you must retrieve your items from the locker in 120 minutes (2 hours) or your stuff could be removed.
  3. Instead of having a written rule about these cups or having an issue with the reuse of the cup, would it not be cheaper to eliminate the cups and just use a wristband. Purchase a wristband for $12.99 and receive free drinks for the day, Purchase a wristband for $6.99 and receive $.99 drinks for the day, or purchase a drink pass for $20 and receive $.99 drinks for the year (pays for itself in as little as 5 drinks). SF would not have to pay for the manufacturing of the cup and I am pretty sure that the cups do not provide free advertising outside of the park. What does SF do with the cu
  4. So, for a family of 5 what would be an acceptable number of these $10 - $13 cups to purchase? (Season Pass holders will receive a coupon for $3 off). Should I just get 1 cup and the free water cups, then transfer the drink? or bring in some of last years cups and transfer from '08 cup to the older ones? or should I buy 5 cups for $50? or maybe just 2 and make the kids share? (teens always love to share with their little siblings). Or is the sharing thing just as gross as a reused washed cup?
  5. For 2008 in order to receive th $.99 drink refills with a Six Flags Over Texas Souvenir Cup, they are requiring that the cup be a 2008 cup. If you try to use last years cup they will charge you the large drink purchase price ($3.99).
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