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  1. Ever have one of 'those' days at work? Where everything seems to go wrong? Share with the world (or this web-site at least) what went wrong with you, or anyone else, just as long as it has some humor to it! OK, I'll start, one day working hard at Arby's - yeh OK - There was a manager who wasn't having the best of days. Usually theres a stack of bun trays by this one wall that has a window to the managers' office. Well today, there wasn't one. So the manager, being the smartest of all the managers, decides to walk into that wall. I don't know why, maybe because of the window? Or her glasses didn't fit right that day? Well what ever it was, it was funny. Even she laughed, so it's all good hehe.
  2. Hey whoever reads this first. It says in your flyer that anyone of the age 16 or 17 must be personally approved by Theme Park Review before being able to attend one of your trips. I was wondering how you guys manage to do this? And how would I get approved? Oh yeh, there's a small misprint in the flyer's fine print. It says we would get back on Sunday night 8/17/07.
  3. Unamed Coaster Movie0006.wmv Can anyone guess what this ride resembles??...
  4. Alright, it appears that theres a mistake in the name of Wonder World, woops. It's not Woner World, it's Wonder World. But yeh, anywas, the first video of Wild One doesn't show much of the park at all, because a picture of the whole park would be too big to load, so this forum subject will just be about the different roller coasters in the park. The will be other videos uploaded to this forum, starting with this one, and hey, would the viewrers of the videos be able to rate them out of ten? I'm always happy to receive comments and suggestions of how I can help improve these roller coasters. The next rollercoaster in Wonder World has a very, very big resemblance to a new rollercoaster that was just build and opened in spring 2007. Movie0004.wmv Black Stallion
  5. Hey everyone on Themparkreview. I'm new here so please go easy alright? So yeh, Wondor World is most likely the best amusement park that I've ever created on Rollercoaster Tycoon 3. Many of the roller coasters in the park do bear a lot of resemblance to those that exsist in real life. I didn't try rebuilding these coasters in the game. Although many of the roller coasters were enspired by the real ones. I started this park a couple months ago, so please tell me, or give me any ideas to make this park the best park in the virtual world! The first roller coaster in the park that i'll show you is Wild One Movie0001.wmv Wild One: Enspired by El Toro (note the fast lift speed yay!)
  6. Haha, that's the best. Tell me, how much would it cost to get all of the massive amounts of K'Nex needed to build a ride that big?
  7. Hey everyone, my name's Colin and i'm seventeen years young. The closest local park is almost directly across lake erie from where i live. That park is Cedar Point. I haven't had many chances to ride rollercoasters, although i have been on a few. One of my favorite games of all time has got to be Sim City 4. Rollercoaster Tycoon is also another great game that I like to play aside from Sim City4 and The Sims2.
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