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  1. Awww come on guys.. stop screwing with us.. Shouldn't there be some, you know.. press there ?
  2. The laptop on the right (on the live stream) is on the Theme Park Review Page
  3. Thankfully I have been several times before but was hoping to get on LLDOD as I've already done the big drop in Australia. so it looks like I'll miss the drop AND backward Superman Congratulations on the new baby !
  4. I watched it on sunday... filmed last year and is OK to watch although all the ride footage gets chopped up ALOT. The contestants are ok although they yet again managed to turn it into UK Vs USA. The z list celeb's just make me want to switch off though.... I only watched as I'll be there in a few weeks but looks like I'll miss out on Superman AND Lex Luthor
  5. It's slightly smaller and it twist's in the opposite direction to "The Swarm"
  6. Seriously great trip report... You are right about people not always reading tons of text on TR, I simply don't have the time to always read long reports when pictures say a million nerd-words !!
  7. Saw isn't so bad but the jolt at bottom of the main drop was there from day one which isn't so good.. With so many inversions and changes of direction this coaster couldn't afford to have the same jolty-ness as saw.. I'm liking the name of the combined element as a "Staffordshire knot"
  8. So what is the worlds first ? Is there more going on in the show building we've yet to discover ie. more inversions to bring the count to 11 ? The manufacturer argument is irrelevant as Verbolten's press pictures show B&M track which we know it isn't, so I wouldn't read much into the layout/elevation diagrams. Anyway, I'm totally excited... looks fun to me...
  9. Glad you had fun guys. I went on opening weekend and LOVED "Carnival of Screams", not scary just creepy and odd and the actors where brilliant at misdirection ! Squirrel nutty FTW !!
  10. oh that's such a shame you didn't get to ride Gravity Max yet.. it really is an amazing ride... Front seat is great for the "OMG there's no more track" thrill and the back seat you get to do a vertical freefall face down.. it's a very cool ride and was pretty smooth when I rode it back in 2005 ! It's a cool little park but always seem to be under construction.. and lots of closed rides..
  11. Great Trip report... You've gone to all the parks I didn't do when I was there. Are you going to Janfusun Fancyworld Or Discovery World ? Gravity max @ discovery world is awesome, I'm shocked they only made the one !
  12. When is SFMM going to actually do this ? I guess as it's not been officially announced there is no date yet.. Shame cos Ill be at SFMM for my 40th Birthday next March !
  13. Actually Gravity Max is a very cool ride.. a bit short but was fun and smooth and ya got a drop tower to kick it all off !! I'd still rather ride a floorless than a standard train given the choice.. The New B&M looks a whole lot of fun to me and as it IS a B&M it should be a pretty solid ride.. It is a prototype so it's not gonna have all the bell's a whistle's that we may see a few years down the line once they've proved the concept works.. Just look at Oblivion and G5, they have a drop and a banked turn then brakes.... a few years down the line and we have Shiekra, Griffon and the one in china that do alot more.. Do you think they could get it up and running in the next 4 weeks cos thats when I'll be visiting Gardaland !
  14. WTF !!! Ok I've not ridden it, and not likely too for a little while but on principle I hate the fact it's been trimmed. I'm sure the reason's are valid but yet again it's the few who complain spoil it for the rest of us who want to experience the full on extreme ride... It'll still be a fantastic ride just not as flowing as it was intended !
  15. Great work !! I shall be signing up ! You've shown your commitment to us and it's our turn to show you our commitment to you !
  16. I was thinking Alton Towers too as it's LONG since been rumored to want to build a terrain coaster... would kinda fit...
  17. I love Adventure Island. it's a great little park.. 2 hour drive from me though so don't go very often.. I didn't know it was open all year though.. Yes Mini Mega is getting some stilts.. or should i say they're building something under it ! either way, it's getting taller !
  18. As it's my local park I can't afford not to support this.. I hope they get to keep the ride as there isn't enough parks on the south coast as it is ! I have added my comments.. Please everybody pledge your support.. the form couldn't be any easier to fill out ! Thank You If TPR is coming nearby this summer I shall pop along too as it's only 15 mins away from me !
  19. Hey Robb, I'm happy to support anything you guys wanna do within reason but as has already been said, living in the UK allot of the perks would be lost on me but doesn't mean I wouldn't join. I understand how much time and effort you dedicate to this site and it's it very much appreciated by all I'm sure. Come on guys n gals give Robb and Ellisa a break here... Being from the UK I'd LOVE to come on some of the US TPR trips but it's about having the time and the money to do so including airfare to get there in the first place.. I WILL make it one day though !!
  20. I don't mind the name... like someone else said, SFMM has a ride called "X" / "X2" Even Alton towers has a ride called Rita so Thirteen isn't so bad.. It looks like the "rumored" internal drop is right behind where that big tree is going (the one made from old Corcscrew Steel) so maybe they're going to use the tree as part of the internal theming.. Maybe tie it in with Hex which is based around the legend of the old Oak tree ! In the vid on the AT website the main drop looks surprisingly big for a "family" coaster !!!
  21. Looks like you guys had a great time.. wish I'd have known I'd have popped along too show support for the us southern Brits !! Great report !!
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