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  1. I most definitely disagree on that Big Bad Wolf was the best suspended coaster. People only liked it because of the theming. It WAS better than Iron Dragon. I was NOT better than Flight Deck or Vortex. I rode Vortex at Canada's Wonderland in 2007. Vortex was fast and smooth. Big bad wolf was fast for about 20 seconds at the very end. I mean both Vortex and Flight Deck at pretty short rides but at least they had punch all the way through. Obviously Eagle Fortress owned every suspended when it was in operation. What do you guys think about Ninja? I never have ridden it?
  2. It certainly was not that great. I honestly don't remember it being a walk on. I always waited at least 45 mins in the summer. I remember it was at least 1.5 hours in summer 1999.
  3. I too am currently a Civil Engineering student at URI. I have completed two years already and I have done well with a 3.6 GPA. I do want to be a roller coaster/ amusement ride designer, I would say its way too much work and stress if you have a very narrow view on what to do with it, have a backup, I enjoy building and taking things apart. I could also see myself working for a DOT. Engineering is no walk in the park, it is the second most difficult major under pharmacy. Math and Physics you must be extraordinary at and a willingness to work hard. If you major in Civil; concentrate in structural,Mechanical is good alone, and I think any engineering will do really. I mean I have a parent who is a Civil Engineer and at least 50% of the material you learn in college is never used. No degree is going to put you above someone else unless of course there was a roller coaster engineering degree wish there was! Engineering degrees are very general, work at an amusement park while studying engineering that will REALLY help!
  4. I am sad to see another Arrow roller coaster go. If Chang does come to replace GASM I think they should reincarnate it as Shockwave! being taller, faster, and much more intense than the original that operated from 1990-1992. I don't think so Viper will stay for awhile I think. I cant see them talking it out. --Jay Much agreed, I give Viper 5 years and it will be closed, and that's being generous. Viper is already 20 years old!
  5. I think there is only two ways to go, either low profit parks will begin to close or Cedar Fair will buy them out and will become a monopoly in the theme park business.
  6. Just from looking at my first coaster, which was the old defunct Loop Corkscrew that was at the old Rocky Point Park in Warwick, RI. It closed in 1995. I have been hooked on them since then and I am in engineering college to become a roller coaster engineer.
  7. Got another.... Wild Beast at Canada's Wonderland, it is also a prone back breaker.
  8. Cyclone at Six Flags New England need some serious work. I can not go on that thing without hurting my back and I am only nineteen!
  9. Superman: Ride of Steel at Six Flags New England, or whatever it is going to be called next season.
  10. I am not sure that Superman is really going to be purple. If you view the construction photos on SFNEOnline.com under the Superman Transformation, One shows bottles of degreaser which are labeled as "industrial purple", this may not actually be the color of the track. It may only be temporary.
  11. I recently have seen a picture over at coastercrazy.com that shows the infamous GASM at Great Adventure being removed at this time. Has anyone heard anything as well?
  12. There was a video that was posted on coastercrazy.com that comprised with a man interviewing a representative of the company that is improving Superman:Ride of Steel, the man confirmed it will not be called Superman anymore. The name officially is going to be changed.
  13. Yes it would seem for a Superman roller coaster, purple is not the color that would come to mind. Maybe the roller coaster is possible changing names? that could be a possibility.
  14. This seems like a real toss-up. Maybe it will be something like California Screamin'?
  15. I'm getting My Degree in Civil Engineering soon and roller coasters are done with pen and paper doing numerous calculations before you even use a computer. You also spend time surveying the land. You use a modified version of AutoCad for drafting and calculations. Certain simulators like No Limits are only used to show the park a 3d visual for the final product.
  16. Head Chopper would be Cyclone at SFNE. Foot choppers would be any Vekoma SLC model.
  17. Who said TTD?, It doesn't have any whatsoever. Milennium Force or Superman at SFNE when you sit in the last seat.
  18. Loch Ness Monster without a doubt, I love that coasters first drop.
  19. New wooden coaster for 2009 or 2010 at Canobie Lake being similar to the Excalibur at Funtown USA in Saco, ME. Isn't it true they have a height limit at 80 feet?. I heard that Six Flags had the idea of purchasing it?.
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