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Djurs Sommerland Discussion Thread

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I agree, It looks amazing. But does anyone else think that it travels a little slow over some of the hills? I'm guessing part of that is A) Colder weather B) Empty train and C) One of the very first runs, but even then it seems slow to me. Am I crazy?


That's exactly what I thought when I watched the video - "Why's it going so slow?!". Sometimes POVs can be deceiving but even so, it seemed like it was crawling in places... Maybe the lift's not up to full speed yet?

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Piraten opens tomorrow (in rain ), but it's still fantastic...


Well since it opens Djurs Sommerland had searched for "test pilots"; and they rode it today. Sadly I didn't have the time for participating in the contest


Anyway; the local news was out there again, and I found the clip of it. It's sadly in Danish again, but you still you can get the feeling.



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Yesterday we´ve tested the new Intamin Coaster Piraten at Djurs Sommerland, Denmark.


It´s a great coaster with a lot of airtime.


Some picturs are made in the inside area, which is not open for the public. But the park chief have seen us and have noted, that we´re great coasterfans. Then he made us the offer to go with us in these area.


I hope my translation ist good enough to understand me


Greetings from Germany




To see even more photos click HERE!



















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I'm not so sure this is really a "family ride" as much as it is trying to be a major thrill ride, but in a smaller space for a park with a smaller budget.


I think it looks GREAT! And probably will have more thrills some some full-sized hyper coasters out there!



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Piraten looks awesome, but I hope Intamin will make another full sized hyper. Luckily there's still a market for hypers, given Behemoth was just built, so hopefully another full Hyper will be made.

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