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  1. This looks like a cool coaster, but now when i have seen the "on-ride" video i think it's a family-coaster, it dosnt look very wild, but as i say: A cool coaster.. Thanx Denmark and Djurs Sommerland. I'm exited to try it!..
  2. UPDATE......! I think this is the last update , and this is some special pictures with the test-pilots and pictures from the opening of the park.. Enjoy..! Fridays testpilots are waiting for the first test at visitors, and not just sand-bags... Testpilot Kamilla, 8 years, said after a ride in Skatteøen: "I love Skatteøen, let's try it again".... At the opening at saturday, the visitors liked the new wathercoaster..... There comes a huge water-splash when the boat hits the water.
  3. Has someone been in Djurs Sommerland for the season-opening yesterday??.. Plz. describe Skatteøen for me..! Tnx.
  4. I'm from Denmark and it's a beautyful country if you just come the best places.. And if you are coming to Denmark, them take a trip to Djurs Sommerland, there you easyaly can be a whole day!.. DO IT !
  5. Now Djurs Sommerland has updated their website soon for the last time, when they open the season tomorrow. The counter even get up to 27 degrees Celsius this weekend ! At Facebook Djurs Sommerland wrote: "Hey Fans... Så blev skatteøen testet i dag.. Med et super godt resultat " in English that means: "Hey fans... Today Skatteøen was tested.. With a nice result " Now there has been made ​​a waterfall out of the skull-rock's muoth... Now the pirate fortress is ready for the opening tomorrow..
  6. A quick update with pictures.. Soon we have completed the pirate theme and we are soon ready for the opening on 7. May.
  7. Already a new picture... 3 days to the opening of the season, now they are filling the "pool" up..
  8. Wow a wonderful view from Skatteøen, i still love Piraten's look... it still looks cool.! Just think about a good, warm, sunny summer-day in Djurs Sommerland.. I'm exited..!!
  9. WOW Now the "pool" has been painted blue, and they are just waiting to fill the "pool" with water.. A detail in the theme: A pirate-skelet at the rock..
  10. WOW A great look from the lookout post, to the Pirate-castle... The lookout post is finished, and now they are finishing the small but importan things in the theme.
  11. WOW Now the pirate-chandelier has been set up, and now they will "refine" the rest of the theme.
  12. Wow it looks nice.! The theme is very beautyful, and the ride looks great!.. I'm exited to then i shall try it ! What do you guys think?
  13. Sorry it's small pictures, but you can see them i good quality and big-format at: www.djurssommerland.dk/index.php?id=325
  14. Here is some new pictures from the 18/4 - 2011.. Enjoy..! Here is the big drop.. A picture taken from the "bridge" you can walk over.. And now it go'es down, down, down... A boat that pass the waterfall, and now it's gonna hit the water with a big splash..! Now the ride has end, and now you can enjoy the view of Sablen and Piraten.. The boat is going up, up to 28 meters hight... Here you can see the boat from the bag, it has just came up from the other side of the "bridge".. As you can see to the right, the building of the beautyful Carabean pirat-theme is going great.. Wow, that's how it looks when the boat hits the water with 70 km/h..
  15. Djurs Sommerland is great!.. Just look at this ! www.goodtimes.com
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