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Djurs Sommerland Discussion Thread

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This definitely looks like a great little intense coaster, airtime, airtime, airtime. Good to see intamin building these kind of coasters again even if they are not in the 200ft plus range.


This would be a great addition to lots of parks in the US, though at $14m USD (based on the Tobu Zoo one's price) they might be a bit pricey for smaller parks in the US.

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Don't worry folks, this coaster isn't a rocket coaster, it isn't looping, and it focuses on airtime. Intamin know better than to put OSTRs on an airtime coaster









Tomi "I wonder if Robb is just pulling destination trips out of mid-air and claiming they're going there in 2009" Zandshtein.

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WOW! That's just wicked! I'm looking forward to that! I might be able to make it to the Scandinavian TPR 2009 trip depending on the job and so forth. I want to go to Bon Bon Land and ride on Dog Fart Coaster... and sadly get farted on. But that look just wicked!


It look smooth like the baby back! Ahhh airtime!

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steffen, where do you live? I'm gonna need some cheap room to sleep next year (just kidding) really cool coaster!


Hehe... In fact I only live 35km from Djurs Sommerland so I'll probably be living out there this summer...




And to them who are concerned about the restraints.. Relax - the stats say: Hoftesele og hoftebøjle which means lap bars

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Yesterday one of my friends was driving by Djurs Sommerland. The result was those pics of the now finished track. The only thing remaining of the construction is now the theming, which will be really good (I'm quite sure about that).



The pics are sadly a bit foggy caused by the bad weather





Evil eagle and coaster track



Btw. Djurs Sommerland is expanding pretty much this year...










And then I have a short film clip (in Danish) of the topping-out ceremony...


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