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Djurs Sommerland Discussion Thread

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^^ Yes

I think we need an update on this ride. The ride has been named Skatteøen (Treasure Island) and is themed to fit with the new pirate area of the park (where the great Piraten is located). The park has billed it as Europe's biggest water coaster at 28m tall and with a speed of 70km/h (not sure why they don't count Europa Park's Atlantica SuperSplash as an water coaster).

A danish coaster enthusiast (not sure if he's a member of this forum) has posted some artist renderings and some layout pictures on his facebook page.

Nick Frank Christensen's facebook

The station


I think we can asume the ride will feature a themed indoor section


The overall area looks great


The pirate themed boat


The layout of the coaster section and splash area


An height elevation view


The park also have some construction pictures latest dated 5th November.



The typical Mack waterfall splash hill


Most of the concrete has been poured for the lake and base of the station


This park keeps getting better and better.

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Djurs Somerland's construction page has been updated with some new pictures of the steel rising.

Djurs Sommerland


From 3rd December


Behind the drapes they're carving out the skull


The pirate fortress is continuing to take form


8th December, the lifthill catwalk, most of the swoop and the drop into the tunnel has been erected


View over the fortress, skull, coaster part and the splash down

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  • 2 months later...



I look forward to riding this, on the next (hopeful)


TPR Scandinavian Tour.


And Piraten, too!

I loved Piraten! (on TPR 2009 Scandi Tour)

Several times I rode Piraten!!!

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Ehm last year, it was pretty busy but, not like overcrowded.

Djurs Sommerland is a park with big open fields and has allot of places where you just can sit and relax, i also think that! has something to do with the crowdness. it's not like Tivoli Gardens where you can only barely slip throug the crowds, because of the "small streets". where you like touchning each other!


Thats what i also like with these Summelands it's big and open, like you are almost in a forrest! just with some big open areas.


But at all the time i have been there, there have been max an 30 hour wait for Piraten, but mostly like 10-15 minutes.


- Kian

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That's not too bad. How's the food?


The food is nice i guess, i have not really tried it thourgh because i use to bring my own food when i'm there. Allot of other people do it to, so there is large areas where you can sit and eat.



The theming looks pretty amazing!


Look forward to this!


Nice theming Djurs!

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I'm form Denmark, and I'm in Djurs Sommerland every year, I love this place!..


- I like the food, there are many different kinds of food in the different "countries" which is around in Djurs Sommerland.


- Almost every day Djurs Sommerland updates their website with new pictures of the building of the new Water Coaster; SKATTEØEN (in english that means TREASURE ISLAND"

You can find all the pictures of it at this link:


Djurs Sommerland


Finally, I just want to wish you all a good trip to Denmark, and Djurs Sommerland

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