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  1. Went on Wednesday 6th, kids have literally just gone back to school following half term and the park was PACKED with kids on school trips. I imagine the park will be busy from school trips now until they break up for summer holidays at the end of July. Average queue times were Colossus 60 - Nemesis 60 - Stealth 60 - Saw 30 - Swarm 30 - DBGT 60. I only got on 5 rides all day. FUMING!
  2. I think the launched lift hill is nothing but a pipe dream i'm afraid. There's a picture on coaster* force showing a massive chain cog in situ at the top of the hill
  3. Soooooo, theoretically speaking, B&M make a launched flyer. What launch do you think would be better? A conventional launch from flying position or an in line twist out of station turning riders on their backs into the launch?? Imagine a big ass half loop after the back launch straight into a pretzel.......................... Jizz tastic!
  4. Nope but I honestly wouldn't be suprised if they called it something like that, I still haven't warmed to RITA and The Smiler as names to be fair!
  5. Megafobia was reaching 55mph when I did my marathon ride 2 months ago so I'll be keeping an eye on Altons claim!
  6. They've got a height restriction also I think. There's 2 airports very close by Heathrow and Gatwick so anything higher than Stealtgs 205 feet might be a pipe dream. I may be (and hopefully) totally wrong!
  7. Well this was a bust....................................
  8. So guys and girls, the plans released a few years back indicated a second roller coaster in the next few years behind Swarm on the island so lets start speculating. Firstly, what do you think will be the next installment and secondly what would you like to see built and where? I'm thinking a mega lite / sized coaster will take the land next to Swarm, however a part of me is wondering what will happen to the loggers leap site. GCI double coaster deal perhaps? What would I love to see? A Flyer similar to The Flying Dinosaur would be a massive positive investment for the park as they've already got a launched, two loopers, a winged and an inverted. So A woody, flyer or dive machine would be the logical choice in my opinion. Thoughts?
  9. Hahaha. James Davis needs to have several seats and go back to school. Congratulations, you win the internet for the day!
  10. Eagles fortress....... if we're not allowed to do defunct coasters then T-Express. Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  11. "Pretty Little Island of England" Didn't have the best Geopgraphy teacher in school young man? England is not an Island, as its not entirely surrounded by water. Those two other countries attached to it prevent that from happening. Being a welshman, (a deeply offended one at that) as punishment, we will happily smash your little "Island" rugby team into pieces in the 6 Nations. #WalesAndScotlandAreCountriesToo
  12. I was lucky enough to ride Thunder Looper at AT in its last few weeks of Operation.
  13. The car......... Am i missing something here, has the theme been announced yet or is this F1 Car a MASSIVE teaser? Upon Closer Inspection the car has construction on the side and 2018 in Roman Numerals on the front. I'd eat my hat if this ride wasnt F1 themed
  14. The car......... Am i missing something here, has the theme been announced yet or is this F1 Car a MASSIVE teaser?
  15. And they replaced their Log Flume with an SLC years ago so they have nowhere to go but up. This wins the internet for the day. Touche indeed
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