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  1. Tunnel! Tunnel! Tunnel! What more can you get after that trip report! I need some Tunnel fun! Too bad none of the lades are inflatable for Big Mike to take home! I'm sure he would enjoyed it if they were... especially Lou.
  2. I think they are going to Duabi but no actual tied with the clue at this time. Here are my thoughts. They are probably in JFK airport NOW and then overnight flight to France which the Eiffel tower hints and then they will fly over to UAE to one of the fancy pansy airport. Then they will go to Ferrari World and spend the day. Then they will spend the nights at some local strip club and get 5 lap dance? Elissa could be Bi. Never know!
  3. Now we definite have a coaster porn DVD cover! It's sure erotic! I will be purchasing it soon.
  4. That's a pretty sweet park! It's very well themed. Thanks for sharing your trip! Hope you made it back home safety.
  5. Great Coverage! If you can, Go over to Booth 1051 and discover the new world with Themendous! No I'm not advertising for them. Well sort of... Just would like to hear other people input. They did several amazing jobs for various theme parks and BIG stuff around the world.
  6. Wow! I made it to the final! I'm losing but it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E contest! Just sayin' Now vote and don't be a dipsh*t!
  7. I'm excited to see Tron: The Legacy for about a year now. Love the soundtrack from it as well. I think this will be a nice addition to Disney Nightlife. Nice move Disney!
  8. Mad Mouse at Little Ammerika (Marshall, WI) on August 15, 2010. It was my 100th credit!
  9. Ohhh sexy! Look all the twist! Duck! It's Raging Bull drive-by this time! Two Thumbs Up for Raging Bull! Viper is HUGE! Enormous! Along with Robb, Mucho thank you Six Flags Great America for your awesome effort in giving a great Walkback Tour! Let cool off by taking a ride on Sky Trek! Here is some Raging Bull love! Here's Pearl Harbor... I mean Hurricane Harbor! I can see our car from Sky Trek! It's the sky blue Accord! Here is some good ole' Viper! Some aspect of Southwest Territory! V2 standing tall! (Or should I say fully erected?) And Batman is staying cool with style! Viper Station! It's awesome! It has more theme compare to Diamondback! What could this be? That is next on our list! Double Decker! Can I have fries with that too? Whizzer Spiral Lift Hill! Whizzer is an awesome ride and so low down to the ground at one point! Of course we did ride on American Eagle - Blue Train! Red side was down. Demon!!!!! At the end of the great day at Six Flags Great America, it was pouring down. Did we leave the park? Heck no! We stayed and made our way to TPR bridge party! Little Dipper ERT was cancelled but Viper ERT was ON! Shortly the rain stopped, we made our way to Viper. WOW! What a great ride on Viper in the dark and the track was still wet! AMAZING! We did as many laps for about 30 minutes. Next surprise was Raging Bull ERT! It really trash Diamondback off my top 10 list. I was impressed with the amount of airtime in the back of Raging Bull! I love it! In all and all, A HUGE THANKS to Robb Alvey and Elissa Alvey for putting together a great event at Six Flags Great America! ERT on Ragings Bulls is just pure awesome! (Photo Credit: Patrick Jeffers AKA Traincrossin) Here is Roller Coaster God known as Robb Alvey and one of his many follower, myself! Here are the TPR Celebrity that I have met: - Robb, Elissa, and KidTums - Diabetic Dan - Chuck - Hanno - Rich - "Signature Shot" Cop! - Dave and Ice Bat! - TPDave (I rode with him on the last round of Viper ERT!) Day 2 of 3: Wisconsin Dells coming up this weekend!
  10. Train.... New credit for spying a Train! Oh Iron Wolf... I see you! This is for all of the Iron Wolf Warriors! Awhooooo! More Iron Wolf love! Duck! It's Iron Wolf Drive-by! You can't see this from your normal park visit! And they are back to the station... As we head to Southwest Territory, we saw this kids... They can't even sing! Well they sang better than Justin Bieber Here is Demon without the train... ...and Demon with train! They survived! They survived the demon! Awesome Woodie: American Eagles! I wouldn't mind having a office in that little room there! Dang! The drop is THAT deep! American Eagle flying back home! American Eagles Group Photos (Photo Credit: Robb Alvey) Another close up shot where public can't get in unless you are escorted by Six Flags! Hi TPR! Are you having a good time! I am! Some Giant Drop and Raging Bull love here! A close-up of Giant Drop! Drop it like it's hot...When the pigs try to get at yea...Park it like it's hot NOTED! Oh Beautiful Raging Bull! Awesome station! Awesome theme! Two Thumbs Up for being awesome! Meet me in the sky! And DROP!
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