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  1. Haha you two are very lucky. I had to ride TGNE about 25 times with the new restraints. Stupid CN8 Tv Shoot.
  2. Ahhh the old Intamin Fart. El Toro's fart in its first year was REALLY loud. Sounded like a friggen jet.
  3. I have mine done. Finished it last night yeah up till 3. It was probably the excitement but I will enter it soon. /Cr98\
  4. Gahh! Finally!! I can't wait. I have SOOO much footage from the West Coast this year. I hope that it will be enough. Oh and are random acts of stupidity encouraged? /Cr98\
  5. That is what I thought...ask the ride ops instead of the park officials. /Cr98\
  6. 1. Flash Passes are near Ft. Independence...the dolphin show. You can get the flyer to fill out before to help your time from waiting. 2. Depends on how many people are going. Suggest you to get a Gold flash pass. I.D. is needed I believe. 3. Every Major attraction. Just use it on KK, ET and Superman. They happen to have the longest lines. 4. Not to sure..I can look into it for you. 5. Run to Toro...best coaster in the park. Then to RT or skip it and go to Medusa. Run towards KK wait or use Flash Pass. Then hit Nitro..if open Chiller. I suggest to get to the park extremely early. NOTE: I THINK RISE AND SCREAM SHOULD BE AVAILABLE SO IF YOU HAVE A SP THEN GO AT 9:00. /Cr98\
  7. I doubt with the awesome operations that Gadv is having that you will need a Flash Pass. I would grab one maybe for Ka, Toro, and Superman but those are mostly it. Usually this is how I hit the park so I would suggest you take some notes. Toro Rolling Thunder Medusa Runaway Mine Train BBLTT Skull Mountain Nitro B:TR Chiller (if open but I doubt it) Superman Gasm KK Then repeat. If you need anymore help just IM me at attackthesolo or email me with more questions. /Cr98\
  8. I just received a email from DLR...telling me that I CAN'T film on High-Speed Rides....Elissa I thought we could? /Cr98\
  9. You have no idea how badly I want to go on my teen coaster tour. Seriously...these photos are making me so pissed that I didn't go to Canada for this week. /Cr98\
  10. I have a version that I extracted from a video...its ok quality. Shoot me a PM and I will get it for you. /Cr98\
  11. I want to say that Wade is right everyone...I did also get air in the back on the final hills... Elissa, The bumps I mentioned are probably because of the wheels being changed and the chassis being moved a little. /Cr98\
  12. There is absolutely no difference but only in the turnaround and the bunny hop where there are a few uncomfortable bumps but thats it. I rode it six times this past Tuesday and telling you from a person with 23 rides on this beast..it may have slowed down but no to the point that its giving out floater air. I have feeling next year everything should be worked out because of the trains going through rehab. /Cr98\
  13. IwantRevenge...I know you will be happy for whats coming to GADV next year...but I can't post it. /Cr98\
  14. I hate how there are no pictures of me Christian...gahhh! Oh well...anyway. My video from this night is in the amature video section of the forums. /Cr98\
  15. HaHa! Kingda Ka is bad compared to El Toro. If you added all the stats up and everything...El Toro wins over all. I am serious. Oh and don't fight with me...Gadv is my home park. /Cr98\
  16. GAHHHH I MISSED YOU! The Alveys have to come back to NJ sometime sooner. /Cr98\
  17. Hey everyone I was there yesterday and I have top say with the transitions the train looks really smooth going through them. I sadly have to say no airtime may be induced but who knows. If you can...go to Gadv Source and look for Mysterio's Video of the day...I was the one in the DC sweatshirt. /Cr98\
  18. ^Na...My camera has horrible quality but Justin's video is posted at YouTube under my account. I like my own separate topic. /Cr98\
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