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  1. Yeah I would have to definitely say El Toro. It is by far the craziest coaster I have ever been on. /Cr98\
  2. Hey everyone this was copied from Gadv Source Forums because I didn't feel like typing anymore. So today was they day everyone was waiting for....Opening Day. Well I don't know where to begin so I guess last night.... So I was hanging out not expecting to got to Gadv in the morning but I was surprised by my step dad yesterday. So I was feeling ok about it but then I was super pumped. First I had to tell CoasterCrAzY (Justin) and Dainan that I was officially going. I called them up and told them I was going in the morning but I stayed on the phone with Justin for awhile and we talked about many coaster things. Justin was also watching Happy Feet at the time so he was also adding excerpts from the movie into the conversation. After he finished watching Happy Feet, Justin went to bed and I stayed up to watch Scary Movie 3. I just love how they take random horror movies and make them into a hilarious comedy. But I knew I had to get to sleep so I set my sleep timer on my TV for 30 minutes. As I dozed off, I felt like I was at the gates waiting to go in...... Anyway, I awoke around 6:45 (yeah bad timing) but I was not tired. I was a little cranky but nothing more. I walked downstairs to my family room was and I just relaxed. My step dad and mom were already awake ready for the day. I grabbed a bowl and some Honey Nut Cheerios. I sat down and watched the news for a bit. The weather stated that it was going to be in the 70's today but after going outside it was freezing with a ton of fog. So I told myself that I had to grab a sweatshirt. After that delemia, I went on my computer to see who was going today. I only saw a few but who cared I was going to Gadv! So now it is around 9:00 and I call up Justin to see how his situation was. He was doing fine but his dog stole one of his old toys from when he was a baby. Don't worry, he got it back. I talked to him for a good 20 min before I had to really go. I hung up and said that I would see him later. Well I went into my family room again and just relaxed. I was thinking to myself that I was going to be riding coasters in 2 hrs. I was pumped. My step dad took some time to get ready but after he was done we were off....! We headed out for Gadv around 9:50. I wasn't sure if we would get there in time but I was sure my step dad was going to haul major ass! We jumped on to Rt. 206 and arrived at the turn for Rt. 537 in no time. Now this is where it gets rough. It was a daughting process to get to Gadv. I thought every minute was going by so slow but I had my iPod to keep me occupied. We arrive at the park and the first thing I noticed was that the speed bumps were gone. I am glad...I hated those. We turn a couple of times to see a congested toll plaza. It was a nice new setup but there was a new process...Self Service! During the time I called Justin and told him to prepare for it. I took a long time to get through that process but after I was ready for some coasters. We grabbed a parking spot and locked everything up so that was it was safe. I exited the car breathing in the sweet air and realized that I was home! Walking at a steady pace to the gates I decided to call Dainan who was still driving. I told him numerous about the closed rides and tolls. After that I strutted up to the gates. I grabbed everything metal at my disposal. I waited for about 5 min until I was let through. I put on my belt which is a pain to put on and off. Next, I walked over to El Toro after deciding not to go to Nitro. We jumped in that line and I noticed someone very familiar. It was Kenny! Thanks to the new hat that caught me with the vibrant colors. I went up said hi...the usual. I also saw Stew behind us but I would just say hi to him later. So I called up Justin again to see where he was and he was on his way. After hanging up with him I saw the Six Flags Crew. Renee and her gang all together taking pics of Toro. This was about 30 min after we got in line. Well who did I see next...none other than Justin!!! We just talked and he waited on line for about 15 min and left. next who showed up was Dan and his crew. They waited online with us and Sxydan (Dan) was came up and said hi. His quote of the day was..."80 Degrees My Ass!" He left us in the dust but we started moving into the station around 12:00...... Climbing the stairs to the station was very strange but I headed towards the back with everyone including Stew who I waived to online Toro. We got the 2nd to last row...Dan and Dave got the 3rd to last...and Stew and Amanda got the 4th to last row. Who else did we see inside the station on the back row other than Chuck! I said hi and I was definitely pissed because he got first train out. Chuck returned to the station with a smile on his face because he was very excited...just like we all were about to be. The next train boarded and we were next. I started thinking of the airtime..! The train was sent out and these kid that were before us were ecstatic! I told Dan that they didn't know what they were getting themselves into. That train took its ride and we were left alone in the station. I was still dreaming then the train pulled in. Riders got off...Air gates opened....I boarded. Buckled the seat belt...Was stapled by the attendant...and was ready to go. Part 2 Coming Tomorrow! /Cr98\ Hey Dan! I think our cameras have a connection between each other. El Toro's Cool Test Seat. John: Yo dude you see that second hill... Mike: Yeah...Why? John: That is where riders experience the most insane airtime ever. El Toro's kick butt turn around! Superman: Waste of Space...it's a fun experience though. Kingda Ka in the morning fog! It looked awesome. New tolls were sort of a pain in the butt. It took forever to get into the park. (Only about 10 min) OOO an enthusiast's dream...Season Passes and a Topper Bottle! YESSS! Me with my topper bottle and ready to go!
  3. Elissa did you request permission? Will they allow it at DCA & DL. /Cr98\
  4. ^ Have you seen Final Destination or heard about the hat that was infused in the launch track of Kingda Ka???? See no problems with rides and people are happy. Oh an a map hit my friend on El Toro... /Cr98\
  5. I look a little high. Me just being me! Taken about 5 min ago. /Cr98\
  6. "I love New York City, Oh Yeah New York City." Great Song! I am listening to Time and Confusion By Anberlin. /Cr98\
  7. I am listening to an all-time favorite... Best Friend By Toy-Box /Cr98\
  8. I love how Cedar Point is very strict about all of this. It is one of the little things that makes them one of the better theme parks. /Cr98\
  9. Robb, what would you suppose the best quailty camera at around 250-300 dollars? /Cr98\
  10. Thanks Robb! I wasn't sure if it was updated. Thanks a bunch. /Cr98\
  11. HA HA Great Video Robb and Elissa! The vekoma box was lonely without Ryan inside. Also...what was that songs name? /Cr98\
  12. Lets see.... Since I am going to.... SFMM KBF California Adventure Sea World: SD PGA USH Vegas Buffalo Bill's CP GL and...HP I should be getting my count from 81 to 140 at least. /Cr98\
  13. I have found the newest ACEr song.... Pizza Hut (Quattro Stazioni Mix) By Rabaue It is amazing. /Cr98\
  14. Thanks! Its just too cool...try taking one of every rocket you ride it will come out awesome. /Cr98\
  15. Well if Storm Runner is number 3 out of my top ten then yeah! That was the first day I rode it. It was on e of the most unbelievable things I have been on. /Cr98\
  16. Let me just state that this was by far one of the worst days at this theme park...only had 2 or 3 bad days there. I was with my camp ThrillCoaster Tours so it was all good. We goofed off because of the random power outages at the park. We actually stayed in a massage chair room for 1 hour. Well lets get to the pics... /Cr98\ Last Group Shot and Saying goodbye to an awesome 2006 season. Last Picture of El Toro for the season. El Toro's Queue Line. Kingda Ka..in all of it's glory. El Toro Whizzing By! More of El Toro! They seem to be enjoying the park today. Yay Tigers. Kingda Ka Closed Do To High Winds...grrrr Oh yeah Kiddie Credit! Group Shot numba 2! Jesus... your so oblivious to everything. Kelly look at the camera! Line jumpers are cut fresh daily right in our park. There it is again!?!?! NECROFEILA! Woah Woah...Necrofelia! WhooHooo Group Shot! TORO TORO TORO..OLE!!!! Oh God the camera is attacking! Right Before I Left For The Park. *Enter Gansta Mode*
  17. Huge Kids Water Park Play Area, Wave Pool, some other stuff. /Cr98\
  18. My firend Steve (KKAddict127) wrote this but I have the pics. I am uploading them for your enjoyment. We started the 3.5 hour drive, and were there after going through never-ending cornfileds. The HP arena is right next to our parking lot, and we walk over to the entrance. The entrance area looks to be moderately crowded. Being only the morning (about 10:30), things didn't look good. We started off with a bathroom stop, and then it was off to Storm Runner. We got in line, to find it to be a pleasent 15 minute wait for front row. I had been on front row Ka, and I can tell you that this doesn't have the acceleration that Ka does. Still, it was very fun. The flying snake dive thingy had to be the best part, there are no comparisons. The twisty part at the end had more lats than I was expecting. Add all of the trees around that area and you feel like you are going twice as fast as you really are. Overall, a very awesome ride. It takes spot number 4 on my list, behind ROTM:Orlando and in front of Xcelerator (whose launch can't be compared to anything). We weren't particularly interested in the Sidewinder (Vekoma Boomerang for those who don't know), so, taking coasterking1's advice, we went over to Midway America. The first thing we saw over a fence was some construction for next year, and that play area looks huge...but onto coasters. Wildcat was next. Before the ride, I was doing some comparisons to another pre-Mill. flyer GCI, Gwazi, which pretty much sucked if you had your hands up. If you held on tightly, most of the vibrations went away. That is what I planned on doing for this. There was a short 7 minute wait, and we were on in the 2nd row, with the stupid headrests on the new PTC trains blocking our view completely. This wasn't as bad as Gwazi, and it did have it's light airtime moments. There was this one crazy bump that brought you lateral airtime, it was insane. Next door was Lightning Racer. We decide the red side first, and from the looks of things, that side is pretty much winning all the time now. There was a short 3-train wait for the 2nd row. While not smooth as glass, it was definitely smoother than Wildcat, and the Milly flyer trains were awesome as usual, except for the lapbar, which got rather uncomfortable and has a tendency to staple you in during the ride. My side won, and while the ride isn't a huge adrenaline rush and not the most thrilling coaster on the planet, the racing aspect made it pretty fun...especially seeing some idiots taunting other people once they won...welcome to America. We subsequently went on the green side next with aobut the same wait, and we lost. Pretty much the same layout, almost, and the same can be said for this as said above. Well, we were done with Midway America, so now it was time to head over to the other coaster-populated area, Comet Hollow. Coming down the stairs in the area, the view with the river and Great Bear is picturesque. I loved it. The sight I didn't love, however, came when we got to the GB entrance. Almost a full queue. The good thing was, they were doing very good dispatch times with little to no stacking. We were in the station within 50 minutes. The front row queue was insane, so we opted for second. I'm a whole-hearted B&M fan, and I must say, this ranks up there wth their best. The way it mangles around and interacts with the river, terrain and other rides is just amazing. I can see why B&M has called this their toughest project. The pre-drop helix didn't look like much from the ground, but wow, it had it's g's. There is a short straight part where you get to look down at your shoes and see that the next thing down is the ground, approximately 124 feet below. Then the rest is history. The loop was great, as well as the immelman (and I love the straight part between them, really gives you a chance to feel the speed). The zero-g was glass smooth, bo jerking at all, unlike some other ones on B&M inverts. You then cross the river, and go parralel to the SooperDooperLooper. And then on one of my favorite parts, there is a slight twist to the right, and suddenly you get slammed into a left cork going the opposite direction. That was insanely fun. The only part I was dissappointed with was after the cork, there is just 20 minutes of meaningless straight track to get you over to the brakerun. They could've done something better there, but that is about my only complaint. I love how this ride interacts with everything around it, and it goes great with the river. This is a perfect coaster for this park. Next up was SDL, right next door to the GB. The wait was about 15 minutes, running two trains with no stacking, however the op at the booth was looking like she got wasted the night before. I got a seat in the second row, pulled down my lap bar (did I say shoulder restraint?) and we were off. This ride is a pretty fun, if not relaxing one. THe only intense part was around the loop, you pull a good amount of g's. After that, it is just a leisure ride. Just make sure you don't get kicked by the oncoming Great Bear! Next up, we wanted to ride Comet, but we checked out the line and the queue was pretty much full. We opted to go back over to Storm Runner. We encountered a longer wait than before, but it was bearable. During the wait, I was impressed once again with how HP crammed this ride inbetween SideWinder and Trailblazer, I mean TB goes a full circle around the queue...now that is space-crunching. I'm very impressed with HP. After the 30 minute wait, we went for back row, to see how much more airtime was offered up. We were a bit disappointed on the tophat in the first row, it went over a bit slower than I was expecting. However, the back row didn't disappoint. There was huge ejector going down the tophat, and once again, the rest of the ride is just awesome. It may be short, but it sure does pack a hugelly mean punch. We had roughly an hour left in the park, so it was decided rather than try out Comet, we went back to GB for our final ride of the day. We went in the area to find a huge line going into the amphitheater, apparently Petula Clark was playing there today...and the line pretty much consisted of elderly folk...I was hoping this might have at least put a dent in the GB line, but looking at the line for the concert, and who was in it, I was doubtful. However, the line looked to be much shorter once we got in. About half the switchbacks were filled. Unfortunately, it took about the same time, if not more than our previous ride. Operations had gotten pretty horrible, with one attendant chacking the whole train at some points, if I could see right. Seeing as it was the last rie of our day, and we were leaving right after it, we went for front row. We finally got on, and this time the ride was so much better, with a view. The straight segment before the drop was amazing, you could see so much. There were tears flowing on the side of my face between the loop and immelman, it was awesome. And the rest of the ride was just flat out exciting...except for the end, as I said before. Still, it is an awesome ride for 90% of the time. I loved it. Unfortunately, it just missed my top 10, with Hulk beating it out. We then exited, and took the tram back to our car, and ended a great day. Thanks for reading! I'll be happy to address any planning questions, driving questions, chocolate questions, etc. /Cr98\ Bye Bye Hershey Park! See Ya Next Year! The storm is coming! I tried to be fancy by tilting the camera. Strom Runner Launch. And more... More Storm Runner Shots! So... Much... Fun...! Ursa Major is right here guys. This part was pointless. Great Bear was not bad. At that part everyone is screaming..."We're gonna die" Lightning Racer is beast...! This thing is going to be gigantic. Boardwalk construction! Wildcat is pure hell... but so much fun. Hey look there waving! I think there going fast... Yes... Storm Runner! No not you Sidewinder. Ahhh what's that in the distance?? Biggest... Kiss... Ever! See we are here...the trashcan says so. Me: So... Steve I guess you like mirrors? We finally see the Kissing Tower after 3.5 hours. Early Rise at 6:00 A.M.
  19. Best! Storm Runner! Definately El Toro Batman And Robin: The Chiller Revenge of The Mummy (USO) Journey To Atlantis (SWO) Kumba Bad! Superman: Ulitimate Flight Ninja (SFOG) Dueling Dragons SheiKra /Cr98\
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