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  1. I'm Straight even though I may do gay acting things (drawing and art) but those things help me a lot. They help me get girls. (Sometimes) Also...Jenna Jameson is my hero!
  2. Nope sorry I found the song but if you were windering it is My Way By Butch Walker!
  3. Well since I own in many fourms for doing this here I will post mine and more from others is encouraged. Since I was 8 or 9 I have always loved to draw. This has been another passion of mine. Besides coasters and music. I belong to TLKFAA (The Lion King Fan Art Archive) and I love it there. Its such a great way to see other artists at work. So I am posting mine here. So post your here!
  4. Hey everyone, I'm Cory from NJ and I just started becoming active on these boards. I have been in trouble a few times here but thats all about to change. I am 13 and I aso love to draw and edit in Flash and Photoshop. I also make sigs! (no bombarding) A breif view of what I do is in my sig. Well... I am here to stay! If you would like to see me here is a picture!
  5. Hey look it's another pic... Everyone's Dream...being buried at an amusement park! Dollywood to be exact.
  6. OK Finally people get to see who I am... And Other People... I am in the blue shirt and you really never see an empty Deja Vu Station! Wow no one in line for a Vekoma... the GP are smart!
  7. Ok everyone I need help with finding a song and in the intro it sounds exactly like this "Woahao, woahao, woahao, woahao" This song I think has been used in comedys but I can't think of any.
  8. ha ha ha Steve nice TR. I think we need you for our websites captions.
  9. Does anyone know, when TTD snapped a cable, did it do something like what KK did? Thanks For Asking Na it is fine. I witnessed it and it was bad. I was the one who actually wrote this! I also think this is a great thought. The train launched and the catch car did not stop near the end sending up sparks and then boom the catch car hit the end of the track!
  10. Done mine and it is pretty great other than the lack I used footage twice.
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