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  1. I am an ACEr and I have only discovered more and more things each year. Also, I don't think CP is the best park ever...IOA is more of my choice. /Cr98\
  2. OK this has came to my attention that I would love to do a TPR trip with in the next 4 years. Why??? Because I wanna have a great time like you guys did at Thorpe. Other then that...Robb and Elissa, when will you stop doing the TPR trips? /Cr98\
  3. I am going on a Mid-west trip for a camp already. Then to cali for two weeks when there doing the mid-west. /Cr98\
  4. This is what I wanna do also. It seems fun but as some say very repetitive. The only action ops get is when people blow chunks. /Cr98\
  5. Dang the one chance to meet the TPR group demolished! HA ha well you have fun. /Cr98\
  6. OK Robb or Elissa, I know you have your trips coming up in the summer but I was wondering if your free during the first 2 weeks of August to meet up at SFMM, USH, SWSD, Knott's, or PGA. It would be awesome to be able to meet the two coolest enthusiasts out there. /Cr98\
  7. Both Rides differ. ROTM at USO does give a lot of airtime at the top of the crest. It was sorta 1/3 floater and 2/3 ejector. It was midly strong. But I can't make comparsions but I will know which one is better next year when I got to Cali and make another huge photo TR! Day 5 Comming Soon! /Cr98\
  8. Continuing On.... We left IOA for the day and spent the night at our hotel talking about the awesome day. We gathered up our credit counts and went to sleep. Waking up to... Day 4: USO and amazing airtime. Uinversal! Oh man Robb never bring Dan in here. Ok I'll tell you about the airtime now. I was sitting in the back row on ROTM and when we were launching out of the tunnel I recived so many neg G's. It was awesome. Even more skyline! More Skyline! We are probably walking to E.T. right now. Universal Skyline or Midway. Let us take a moment to remember... ok done. This shot is awesome and MIB: Alien Attack was too. Jaws! AGGGHHH That is the definition of bad driving skills. So Scott and Jesus how do you feel about going on ROTM? Greatest Themed Ride in Universal.
  9. All I remeber is the Spencers in that mall. Everyone was in there. Day 4 Coming Soon! /Cr98\
  10. You have been asking for them and here they are. We are arriving at IOA today and we are really excited. One of the best days of the whole trip. Day 3: Great Day at IOA! If you cannot see, thats Justin! Who do you think you are? Steve is ready for the day at IOA! The greatest day I spent in Flordia. Wheee! Oh and don't put your head forward on the drop, I learned that the hard way. Woot! Animatronic dinosuars. Ok everyone...DANCE!!! Me: Hello Mr. Fire Dragon I am about to ride in your mouth. Fire Dragon: I'll just have to eat you later so...ok! Woah! A little too happy there Steph. The famous ACEr's heads from the past. Best Caro-suess-el ever. Period Scott is added to the crazy mix of people. You don't want to get the Hulk angry. Hulk Zero-G Goodness. Yeah Beautiful! Umm I think it started about 2 days ago but ok. YAY! IOA finally!
  11. El Toro isn't just a coaster, its a mind blowing expirence. I know I am a GADV fan boy but I do have to agree on the ride. It is certianly unbelieveble. Lets just say after this ride, my whole body went into shock. I was freezing and it was about 90 degrees out. That is a ture story. To add on, Voyage looks amazing to, but like Robb said on page 1, I would also take a smooth GCI or Plug-N-Play over a rough woodie anyday. /Cr98\
  12. Literally guys were not lying. Last year was the best summer of our lives. This summer, who knows. /Cr98\
  13. Well this summer I traveled on to ThrillCoaster Tours for the summer. A camp that inspires young people to have a good time traveling the country and staying in a safe enviorment. Although we did have the Best Director, the best part about it was the other campers. I felt like I was in a TPR group. So with out further adu...here are the pics! Day 1 and 2: Let's Try To Get Some Sleep! MORE TO COME! /Cr98\
  14. Nice Pics! Oh and By the way for all you DW fans. I am seriously credited for the first test seat pic of Mystery Mine. It was taken on July 16,2006. Thunderhead for all known is a great ride. The cool thing about it is during the day, there are misters going up the lift to keep you cool. /Cr98\
  15. Dude it looks awesome. Do not stop if you do the whole park will be pointless. The I will get angry! /Cr98\
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